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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

That's your prerogative of course.

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

Okay...this is getting ridiculous. I upgraded to the 3 license Total protection plan in October 2010. I have a license on 2 Win7 machines and one XP machine. Seems every couple of months, the same Win7 machine has its protection deactivated. Now once has deactivated today. I refuse going thru the whole process to keep fixing the same problem over and over. You would think that since enough people have had this problem, they would have made some sort of hotfix to correct it. But no, they keep wanting you to pay for the $90.00 virus fix (even though I have no viruses or trojans). Customer support is a joke as well. When they do the whole "take over your computer thing", they should tell you step by step what they are fixing, so if it happens again, you can do it yourself. But every time the process is complete, they just say the problem is resolved and will not reoccur. NEWS keeps happening. Even the support in the forums seems like it's one of those "copy and paste" jobs.

For all the hard earned money that consumers pay for this product, you would think they would wanna keep the consumers happy, instead of drive them away. I'm fed up with this product and will be looking for an alternative solution for virus protection and firewall service.

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

First time I have been accused of being a copy and paste type.

Ok this PC what is it ie the message saying? Is it real time scanning disabled or a licence issue?

The first is usually you need to run manual update (right click on shied and run update) or a program is disabling it. Yes it could also be a virus/malware but you can check for such yourself without the $90.

No other active AV/antimalware programs such as paid malwarebytes installed?

The final thing to do before leaving which is your right is to uninstall and reinstall.

Another thought is you been using registry cleaners on this PC recently? Some remove needed Mcafee registry keys

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

Oh I wasn't accusing you of being a copy and paste bandit. Bust most of the mods seem that way. The message says "Your Software is Deactivated". Then when I click on the subcription details, it tells me I've been deactivated since "5/27/2011". Yet when I go to the McAfee website, it tells me all my subcriptions are active. As far as having any malware or trijans...I don't have any.

I've tried checking for updates, but get no returns. The first two times this happened, Ithought I had an undetected virus, so I wiped my harddrives (all 6 ofthem) and reinstalled windows and McAfee. Avoided downloading anything that I previously downloaded before...especially torrents. I tried not using the computer at all for a week to see what would happen. Worked fine for about 3 days, then deactivated.

As far as egistry cleaners, I only have used Tune Up Utilities 2010.

McAfee is the only security program I've ever used, so I'm kinda frustrated and lost because I know of no other course of action.

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

That sounds like an account issue. I had an account saying it was fine but the Security centre said buy another licence. Is it trying to say that ie reenable and when you click on that  it takes you to a buy another licence. If so and your subscription has time left (which I see it does) you need a tech to fix it. Rather than chat get a T2 level tech to call you. What I had to do was delete the account and in the new account reinstall the software on the errant PC and then do a subscription  renewal on the other 2 pCs There is a FAQ for this and takes 5mins a PC really easy to do.

Of course this assumes this is the issue/message you are getting. If not ask for an escalation call back .

If it is the Real time scanner disabling try

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

Sorry for the delayed response. I downloaded the free trial of AVG2011 for the 30 test drive. If it doesn't meet the level of protection I had with McAfee, I will give that solution a try. Making sure to copy and paste the suggestion to notepad. Thank you for your assistance.

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

OK though I would have thought an escalation would have fixed it. Good luck

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

I wanted to chime in on this issue also. I have been a user for many years until today. I have had this problem for months an to think I am going to pay for support or to wait for an online tech to have time to speak is not what a paying customer expects. I would think I can call to talk to someone in order to get support. It also sounds like the only way to fix the issue, after hours of researching, is to have support access my computer and do some finagling which requires a restart which will need to be done again and again if I have to get a new computer or have to wipe my computer. After toying with this for months, uninstalling, reinstalling, whiping, clearing registery on multiple computers always having 1 spot open with a 3 computer license and to have it always after x days deactivate itself and not allow me to reactivate it I will just move on to a different provider. I will get better support and a product that doesn't deactivate itself from reading posts on the support site.

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

You have not got two PCs with the same name have you? That will mess up Mcafee no end.

This your 1st post so you can explain what is actually happening or chat on the technical support link in useful links tab above and ask for an escalation call back. That way it should be sorted . Mine was it was my son in law named his external disk the same name as his cdrive. Mcafee went into this loop of deactivating but we sorted it out in the end.

Another user got a new disk from Dell as a replacement and Mcafee got confused as the account still ahd an install logged against same name disk that failed.

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating

This thread alone proves just how bad Mcafee has gotten. I've been a local tech for over 5 years, and have learned through experience with hundreds of virus-ridden PCs that "pay" AV programs actually offer no better (if not worse) protection against viruses. I ONLY recommend (and always install as part of my service) one of the free ones (usually avast, avg or avira). And, no, they don't work either but give my customers that warm-fuzzy feeling that they might have some level of protection without wasting more money.

That said, if a customer has already paid their hard-earned money for a "pay" AV program, I go ahead and reinstall it so they can at least feel like they got some of their money's worth out of it.  The ONLY "pay" AV i have ever had trouble with is any of the incarnations of Mcafee. And sure enough, today I have had the pleasure of a 3 hour battle with this ridiculous deactivation bug. And it happened on an XP 32bit PC (so its not just win7 guys) in July 2012 (problem is still not fixed through 2 yearly program overhauls since this thread started in 2010). Program was deactivated in customer's account on the website first, uninstalled with MCPR (which I always use), reformatted, reinstalled (and named PC something different), reactivated and returned to customer, and then I get the phone call 5 days later. "My Mcafee isn't activated". Odd, but the guy is as computer illiterate as they come so I assumed he screwed it up somehow. Boy was I wrong.

After using the aquarius method a few pages back, I've managed to keep it reactivated through 5 restarts, and am probably going to return the PC to its owner. But after reading this thread I have zero confidence that it will stay activated. Oh, and did I mention that his sub. is active through Sept. 2013? So now I have another year and a half to potentially deal with this nightmare.

The sheer number of assistance programs that Mcafee has had to create just to get this bloatware to work is laughable. Let's see, there's Virtual technician, subscription repair tool, MCPR uninstall tool, a pre-install tool, and that's just off the top of my head. Unacceptable.

Charging an additional $90 to fix a $50-60 program that doesn't work? Outrageous.

I was going to try the "free" phone support, and was presented with a form to fill out involving email tag. No thanks!

Even a mod has had to travel around to each of his kids' houses just to deal with this issue.

And I love how the company is divided into all these sections that purposely don't communicate with one another (technicians, web mods, customer service, corporate, billing, etc.).

It's too bad that by the time 95% of your customers have problems and read all these horror stories on these forums, it's too late to get back their wasted money.

You guys really need to get your act together and COMPLETELY re-write this software from the ground-up, and bite the bullet and actually pay for some local (American) tech support who speak English as a first language.

And yes, I feel a lot better now.

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