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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

seUpd.exe is a virus, saUpd.exe is part of McAfee SiteAdvisor that can be found in the "C:\Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor", but is currently behaving badly.

saUpd.exe starts poping up for me after opening any browser, Firefox, Chrome, or IE, and continues after they are closed. I can get it to stop for a while by killig McSACore.exe, but that probaly makes SiteAdvisor not work and it starts again after a browser is reopend.

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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

OK princess. Clearly then, I stand corrected. I apologize.

However, please let me explain what I see here.

On all computers that have v3.4.1.168 installed there exists in the \Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor directory a program called 'saUpd.exe'. The size is 266,680 bytes and it's dated 12-7-2011.

Nowhere on the entire hard drives is there a program called 'seUpd.exe'.

On all computers that have v3.4.0.143 installed (IOW not yet updated to the new version), there is no program called either 'saUpd.exe' or 'seUpd.exe'. So 'saUpd.exe' is new with this version.

Since McAfee appears to use the 'SA' abbreviation in most of the SiteAdvisor programs I assumed this was a typo.

Hopefully you don't have a virus, but perhaps level's explanation is what you are seeing. It does seem like an odd coincidence to be getting a virus at the same time this SA pop-up started occurring, and behaving just the same as it does.

- JohnG

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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

Ok, I had the SAME problem and this is what I did. I basically uninstalled Google Chrome and then reinstalled it. Problemo Fixed. I know that sounds like a pain in the nether regions but that IS what worked for me.

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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

HI All.

Can you all let us know if you have Mozilla Firefox installed on the PC , IF yes , please try to update them and let us know if the issue still persists.

Also, let us know the version of your McAfee siteadvisor.

Please click on About in Security Center and let us know

McAfee Site Advisor

Version :

Build :

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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

I do have Firefox, it is up to date 9.0.1, still having saUpd.exe pop up.

McAfee Site Advisor is not in Security Center.

Version :

I don't see build anywhere.

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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

I too have been suffering from this pop-up since around 17 December.

I do not run "Firefox". I have Internet Explorer 8 with Windows XP. I think earlier posts have also indicated that the problem is happening with a number of different browsers.

I am not sure whether the following is in any way related to the appearance of the problem but, when investigating the drop-down menu in my browser toolbar, I discovered that Site Adviser appears to think that I had at some point an active subsciption to LIVE. In fact I have never had such a subsciption. The drop down continues to track the expiry date of this supposed subscription.

I did try to use the "reinstall anyway" facility when checking for site adviser updates to see if this removed the problem. However this simply aborted and told me that i had an uptodate version (

It would be helpful to know from the McAfee Team whether a fix to this problem is going to be issued centrally or whether an uninstall/reinstall of Site Adviser cures it.

Apart from the annoyance of its' frequent appearance, it is also stopping my screen from hibernating properly when the computer is left for a while.

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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

I have about 300 systems that this is affecting (municipal government). Each one does have Firefox and siteadvisor.  The computers are running various versions of firefox from 2.0 to the latest and each is still experiencing that dreaded popup box. If I uninstall 3.4.1 and reinstall 3.4.0, then the problem goes away, but I'd rather not have to remote into each system and do that manually.

Can you provide the key so I can do a mass msiexec.exe uninstall/reinstall? 

SiteAdvisor version: 3.4.168


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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

After many phone calls (2 weeks), I was in contact with McAfee lvl 2 support.  This is what I as told (I removed my email to stop spam).


Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Support. An agent will be with you shortly.


Customer ‘Me’ accepted request to share screen.

Stains Saji(12:17:39):

Please showme the error message?


It's awindow that pops up between 10-40 minutes


it's thesaupd.exe file that's trying to update, but with the 3.4.1 it fails

Stains Saji(12:19:17):

Did you try reinstallation here?


No, I haven't tried anything on this computer yet.

Stains Saji(12:22:31):

Okay. I am going to uninstall the Site Advisor (SA) from the control panel.

Stains Saji(12:22:51):

After that we will  reinstall SA, is that fine?


Uninstalling and reinstalling will work, the problem is this user doesn't have administrator access to do that.


Since the version on the website is 3.4.0, that version works fine.


It's the3.4.1 that is causing the problems.


And since the start I've been asking for a way to mass uninstall 3.4.1 so I can mass reinstall 3.4.0

Stains Saji(12:27:12):

Yes, I have discussed about that with our higher level team. Unfortunately we don't have a tool like that.


So basically I'm going to have to log into each computer individually and uninstall SiteAdvisor?

Stains Saji(12:33:53):

Well, we have informed this issue to them as I told earlier. So I suggest you to update McAfee regularly. The new updates will be available in that and I hope the issue will get fixed in that.


Since SiteAdvisor normally updates on it's own, it's never been a problem until theDecember update that started these problems.

Stains Saji(12:36:27):

Yes, there medial measure will also be released in the future updates. So please wait for some more days.


So therewill be a fix for this upcoming?


And if thereis a fix, since the updater is the file that is causing the problem, how will it fix itself?

Stains Saji(12:42:55):

We are expecting a fix from them. We will wait and see. We will let you know about that.


Can you give me a time frame please? This has been going on for a while and it is interfering with our employee's work.


I know you said a few days, but is that just a estimate or can they say that by next Wednesday say, the update will be out?

Stains Saji(12:46:15):

Since this is a rare issue, the team is working on that and we are unable to say an exact date.


How will I be notified of/when the fix comes out?

Stains Saji(12:50:00):

Please keep updating McAfee and check for the next two weeks.


We don't update McAfee, it's been updating itself. That's how this problem started.Since the updater is the problem, how do we go about updating it without the updater?

Stains Saji(12:53:31):

Since you don't have the McAfee product, we are unable to do the McAfee update manually.

Stains Saji(12:54:48):

Thank you for contacting the McAfee Technical Support. It's been my pleasure assisting you.

Stains Saji(12:54:51):

If you don't have any further queries, you can now close the chat console. Thanks again.

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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

I am grateful for the post by cazieel of yesterday. Unfortunately it seems like only half a promise from the McAfee Team to fix things.

As has been pointed out, this must be affecting quite a few people - the silent majority who have not posted are very likely cursing every 10 -20 minutes and clearly the impact cannot be any good for McAfee reputation.

It would be very welcome if an unqualified acceptance to do something within a timeframe could be posted here by McAfee  so that I, and others, can take a reasoned judgement of whether to wait for the fix or abandon the Site Advuiser software altogether and install a competitor product.

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Re: this program keeps popping up! i need help!!

As explained before, this occurs on computers that do not have any browser installed other than Internet Explorer 8. In my case they are all Windows XP SP3, all fully updated.

These console-window popups occur exactly 10 minutes and 3 seconds apart (603 seconds).

Also, the most recent update to v3.4.1.189 does NOT solve the problem. (This saUpd.exe is 268,728 bytes, dated 1-06-2012).  Popups are still occurring with this version.

I've also discovered this occurs ONLY if "Secure Search" is enabled. Disabling it and closing the browser does NOT stop the popups until the computer is rebooted. After a reboot the popups stop.

- JohnG

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