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perpetually downloading update

Security Center is trying to download a large update; the computer is on dial-up internet connection with a slow modem; the update never finishes, either because the internet connection is interrupted or for some other reason;and everytime it is interrupted, the download starts over from the beginning.

So the download icon goes constantly, and the modem is tied up:  is there a way to stop the download?

And is there a way to get updates using another computer with a fast internet connection and then transfer the update to the involved computer?

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Re: perpetually downloading update

Hi susab,

It is neccessary and improtant that you download all the available updates for your antivirus program, and since you say that you use dial up , you could schedule the updates.The option 'download updates and notify me when they are ready to be installed" would be a good one for you so that you dont have a problem even if the network disconnects.

1.Double-click the M icon in your task bar.

2.Change to the Advanced menu and click Configure on the bottom-left menu.

3.In the SecurityCenter Configuration panel under Protection Status, click Advanced.

4.Under SecurityCenter Configuration, select Update Options.

5.Select the update option you prefer.  

Update options.JPG


Dinesh K

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Re: perpetually downloading update

I tried changing the Update Option to 'Disable automatic updates' a couple of days ago, but it still keeps trying to download this large update every time the computer goes online.  Would changing to 'download and notify me when they are ready to be installed' be any different? This download never completes because it's so big for my slow connection that it will not likely finish without interruption and it starts over from the beginning every time it is interrupted.  This has been going on for about a week now, trying to download this update.


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Re: perpetually downloading update

I also have experienced the same thing and also am on dial-up. It happened about a week ago and is taking place again as I write this. McAfee did a normal update earlier in the evening. When I logged on after midnight , the massive update started. By the length of time it takes (2.5 hours) , I would estimate the size to be 45 - 50 megs. The only way I get it to complete is to stay around and do something on the computer every 30 minutes so that CompuServe does not log me off.

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Re: perpetually downloading update

I hope this can be some help to you? I too have the "dreaded dial up" connection, my problem is I live in a rural area and "cannot" get a high speed connection! Believe I have tried everyone. I am not from the "computer generation either? I am computer dummy, all the fancy technical stuff goes over my head.

I too was experiencing the "perpetual download", couldn't disable it, I thought I might even have a virus? So, before I paid more $$$ for Technical Phone Support, I decided to let my computer just "RUN" all night while I slept. I can't tell you what exactly took place (since I was sleeping) but about 6 hours into running, I woke up and looked to see where my "virus scan" was? To my dismay it said 0% complete. I was so disgusted, but let the "sucker" continue to run the rest of the night. When I woke up the next morning, there was a pop-up screen saying "Restart my computer" so I clicked on the pop-up and my computer was restarted. I logged on to the Internet to check the "perpetual whirling icon" and to my utter surprise it "was not there anymore!" So there was actually a "huge" update that had been trying to download but because of the dial up connection it did take forever. You might want to try this, and hopefully you won't lose your Internet connection?

I would also like to add McAfee technical support was "absolutely NO help" because I wasn't paying $$$, they kept me running in circles, sort of like the virus scan icon. Plus they don't want to fool with "us" dial up folks anyway? Why do people try to make things so hard. I hate the abreviations too LOL! No one ever provided me with a list of them? LOL

Persevere my friend, I know you can do it too!

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Re: perpetually downloading update

I've been fighting the same problem and find it equally disappointing that McAfee has offered no real solution. I've tried to download overnight and it's run to about 80% complete a 3 or 4 times and restarted. It is eating up my system and dialup bandwidth to where this computer is extremenly painful to use. I cannot understand why these downloads are not designed to begin where they left off (are you listening, McAfee????). I have looked at system logs and cannot see that any resources, like memory are an issue and saw no comm-related events or errors. My ISP cannot see any problems on their end that cause the line to drop and seeing all the others on this forum with the same issue, I believe it's not my ISP's problem.

I think my only solution is to Uninstall McAfee to be able to use the system. My question then, is it possible to RE-install McAfee and have it install all the incremental dowloads I've made over the months and months? Admitedly I will still have the large download issue if/when I re-install.

Does anyone know if another virus scan vendor is smart enough so their downloads will continue where they leave off if interupted?

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Re: perpetually downloading update

Please bare with me here, as I tend to speak (or write) with real words not all that "Hi Tech" abreviated garble, so my posts are lengthy as I "vent"

I was so mentally exhausted after dealing with the "perpetual download" I forgot to mention this, and neglected to put this in my other post.  I would like to spare, or $ave others some expense, from doing what I did. By NO means to I proclaim to have ANY TECHNICAL Knowledge concerning anything electronically technical? This is merely my account, of my experience, with Technical Support. I "assume NO responsibility" continue reading at your own risk.

After trying everything within my VERY limited knowledge of all things known as computers, I called Dell customer service for "HELP" on what to do about the continuous download (remember I have the "dreaded dial up") the tech there, to whom I spoke, said it could be a "VIRUS?" and that he could "ONLY" help with "HARDWARE support."  He then told me if it was a virus, I should take care of it as quickly as possible so as not to damage my computer any further? However, that was only handled by Dell "SOFTWARE" support, for which there was a "FEE." $$$ He proceeded to tell me just "how much" it was going to cost me. "Hundreds" of dollars, "YES", I said 'Hundreds! "Buyer Beware!"

I feel like a FOOL now for having paid them all that money? But I thought I might actually have a virus! My question to ALL of YOU out there, "has anyone out there ever successfully RID their computer of a virus WITHOUT using technical support, or having some kind of technical background in all things computers? If so you should SHARE with the rest of us. I don't have this type of background so, "I PAID!" After paying the "FEE" I was given a phone number to call for Dell "SOFTWARE" support. Where once again I explained about the never ending download, & also, that the "first tech" said it could possibly be a virus? The tech said he would NOW help me "uninstall McAfee." He asked if I had the McAfee CD that came with my computer? I said "yes" but it was just a trial version. I don't believe he was even listening to me? Together we "UNINSTALLED" and the "REINSTALLED" McAfee...for quite sometime. LOL! "See I do have a sense of HUMOR"  When we finished, I couldn't complete the registration of the Program set up, it would not accept my password? So, the tech suggested I call McAfee for help to "Change" my password? Now I'm on my 3rd Tech? So, I ended up calling the number, where the Tech I spoke to, gave me a "Temporary" password BUT it still would not work? This tech also said he would email me a link to get "Help" changing my password, and guess what? I ended up HERE! On the McAfee communities is where I read about everyone else's problem with the perpetual download. IT WAS ALL OF YOU WHO ACTUALLY HELPED ME, NOT TECH SUPPORT. So I figured the least I could do is $ave everyone some money by writing these 2 lengthy replies to the Perpetual download. I know it's not the fashionable thing to do, what with all the abreviations, and the high speed! I'm sure someone else could have condensed this post into a mere "4 LETTERS?"

I ended up "DOWN LOADING" Virtual Technician (again) and installing it. Once installed I RAN it, and it found there were 3 things not working? It was only able to fix one of the issues. And "guess what" the little red "WHIRLING ARROW" was BACK! That's when I decided I would leave my computer run all night or until the " whirling RED ARROW" STOPPED WHIRLING! 

After running all night for roughly 13 Hours (while I slept part of the time) I woke to find the "POP UP SCREEN" saying to "RESTART" my computer "FINALLY!" NO RED WHIRLING ARROW!"

Sometimes "DETAILS" matter! Which again is why I am so lengthy. But "isn't it easier to listen than to spend endless days or weeks, trying to solve an issue?"


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