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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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I have  327GB of 18258 archive files in 1452937 directories.

I forgot to include the minor amount of .zoo, .arj, .lha, and other lesser-used older archives.

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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Ah understand though Custom scans can exclude all archive files I feel they do not count against the warning re you have not done a scan. Actually I have added this to tyhe ideas area or will so soon post on that idea to see if they can add the option to exclude all zips files.

Are they mostly .zip?

New idea

I note you have a command line scanner idea as well so added my support to it.

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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here is the breakdown.  I have a bug still when it comes to directories in my whereis program, so ignore previous directories counts:

the ISOs have very few files,but take up the most space.  mcafee scans those.  it is set to scan all archive types because I didn't want it to miss anything some malware might have injected into my system.  at least that was my thinking.  It looks like I won't have a verified totally clean PC until I get a new one.  mcafee doesn't run on old stuffed 32-bit systems I guess. 


Subtotal File Count: 328

Subtotal Filesize:  263.54GB


Subtotal File Count: 117

Subtotal Filesize:   25.87MB


Subtotal File Count: 699

Subtotal Filesize:  802.19MB


Subtotal File Count: 12712

Subtotal Filesize:   36.48GB


Subtotal File Count: 217

Subtotal Filesize:    9.45GB


Subtotal File Count: 868

Subtotal Filesize:    6.27GB


Subtotal File Count: 2600

Subtotal Filesize:    5.62GB


Subtotal File Count: 317

Subtotal Filesize:    4.49GB


Subtotal File Count: 400

Subtotal Filesize:  374.45MB


Subtotal File Count: 60

Subtotal Filesize:    5.06MB


Subtotal File Count: 3

Subtotal Filesize:  149.02KB


Subtotal File Count: 117

Subtotal Filesize:   25.87MB

Grand Total File Count: 18438

Grand Total Filesize:  327.12GB

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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I have as mentioned added this thought as an idea (vote it up) and asking the techs about the possibility of getting this added in 2012 version's scheduled scan options.

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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I think I found it, albeit I just got back to the mcafee site after long absence.

I am still having problems. I am down to 1 drive now. this reduces the crash time down to 2 days rather than 1 week, interestingly enough.

I also have boosted my virtual memory, and intend to boost it further by creating an extended partition and multiple 7GB logical partitions within that, probably about 5-7of those. that should give me lots of memory towork with, but still, really,on a 32-bit system my applications can still only address 4GiB of memory maximum, minus the 512MiB for the video card, so I guess it's really 3584MiB.

I believe mcafee is running out of that 4GiB of "available memory" when it scans, and that is why it is crashing.  I have seen applications crash in this manner before when I think about it.  usually, when they do, you see symptoms like

- buttons and other controls on dialogs do not display

- whole dialogs do not get drawn

this is of course only a guess.

still have a problem though. with all the money I have paid for mcafee,I still can't really use it to scan my entire computer. with AHH I am corrected, it's only 872GB of data. that makes the situation even worse because I am using even less data that I originally thought!

TOT USED:-----------------------***************** 872.10GB/   2.00TB( 43.60%%)

and by the way, this data is growing.  for 2 drives, this adds up to 1.6TB now.

doesn't take much to break mcafee.  maybe it's the way data structures are being stored in memory, maybe too MUCH information is being stored in data structures in memory. even a simple directory-tree-walk style recursion function for a dir tree such as such as mine consumes HUGE resources and hasn't always returned. I am doing a retest to see if my latest version of whereis 3.0 works better in this regard. I have a very good directory walk function now and I can even do temp and system files and sparse files if I want (but I usually don't do most of those since it's not a good idea). I am also timing this run. I will try to let you know the results.

close some programs and things might get better.

ahhh - but you can't close or entirely disable mcafee if you want more memory or even if you want to install a major vendor program that asks you to do so.

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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So are you still scanning via custom and setting teh scan not to scan zipped etc files or scheduled and excluding the folder that has the files that cause issue.

I seem to remember you had the files everywhere. Been a while so if I am wrong go easy on me.

I wonder if the new 2012 beta would do it better. It scans using a different method. But before one tries that best that you call support and ask for an escalation. OK may hav eto explain your issue but if he is no help ask for an escalation call back

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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oops, no, I just clicked the big easy button that said "Run Full Scan". shouldn't break. I think it is possible to write a scanner which does not break. I suppose the code base is pretty large by now though. I can see 200 DLLs in my head...

I am trying a custom scan without zip files now. can't easily excluse dirs though. and I can't just say "exclude ISOs". although I intend to add that as a feature request.

yes, I have a very large tree structure that takes up about 872GB. at least 30GB of that are versions of compilers.

I would be glad to try 2012beta if it would mean a working scanner. I hope it is not too severely broken, because this machine is my production and development box.  right now it's all i've got. no new box yet. I would be curious how to report bugs though.  right now though, my machine isn't that stable I think.  hardware problems in addition to possible filesystem corruption that has happened over the last 2 years of near 24/7 constant use. in that sense, this machine is older than any of the other boxes in the house in hours, though this box is 8 years old and one is 12 years old.

by the way, my whereis program does finish. I am going to have to run it a 3rd time (takes about 8+ hours) because I didn't get the runtime because I rebooted last night.  I am solving that problem by redirecting the output to a file. here is the size of the file with just the filepaths:

07/02/2012  12:39 AM       187,751,245 f

this is probably not complete either: programs are running therefore some files are locked and can't be opened.

I can give more details like doing a

grep -i "C:" f | wc -l

on the file to give the number of files. this will filter out the non-file report stuff and focus on the filepaths.

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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No bug reporting option except in beta version it has a good 1.

The beta seems stable been out a while. It does have the internet connection issue where teh net has a 90sec delay connecting

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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ouch. might be able to live with that now that I know about it.

I suppose the mcafee network will be broken...

elapsed time: 0 days, 10:57:57.250

2,130,874 files

so now you know the minimum time it takes to scan one drive that has 872GB of files.

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Re: mcafee scan crashes when there is 1.13TB of data

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I assume use minimal resources is not selected? I asked this previously and yiu said no just rechecking. Mine scans 1.13Tb of files in 2 hrs. (full scan setting)

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