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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

yeowch that must've been horrible!

so far i've succeeded in recovering files in the DAT folder from the recycle bin after a very confusing time picking bits of information from lots of different websites and eventually learning how to copy them back to c:\program files\mcafee\virusscan\dat (cmd prefers program files to be called progra~1 apparently - took me loooong time to work that out).  this enabled me to run the sdat5958_em.exe successfully.  thinking yay, i'm in the clear now... i followed the rest of the instructions, ie delete the dat folder (again) and reboot in normal mode.  and still my task bar is missing, so i can't click the M in the systray to force manual update.

will keep messing around and keep trying for a bit yet!

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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

Nice try, McAfee! But unfortunately, you managed to crash my computer sufficiently enough so that it will not copy - paste anymore. So how am I to get step 3 done? I tried skipping that one by running exe-file from my USB and deleted the DAT folder (which cannot be deleted permanently from the trash, btw), then restarted the computer normally and then - tada! - got the same screen I had been looking at since yesterday afternoon: NO task bar, NO internet connection, NO audio, and NO M icon to right-click on. I've tried calling the local helpdesk, but got fed up with listening repeatedly to Beethoven's Für Elise for more than 45 minutes. Then tried uninstalling McAfee, but that couldn't be done either, not in the safe mode, nor in the regular mode.

It's very frustrating to see that McAfee managed to crash thousands (millions?) of computers in a matter of seconds and then has the nerve to call it a "minor challenge". I have been trying to solve this bloody problem for the past 24 hours, following McAfee instructions, but without any result whatsoever. And when I finally decided to pay for some specialized McAfee technical support (meaning paying McAfee for something THEY messed up on MY computer)... guess what - they keep working hours and all went home at 5 this afternoon. Brilliant!

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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

Where can I get a copy of the svchost.exe file?  It is downloadable somewhere?

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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

i've fixed mine!  it's taken me a full 12 hours, but i've fixed it without needing to do system restore etc.

the big problem was that some of these instructions posted here ask you to delete the DAT folder in c:\program files\mcafee\virusscan BEFORE you run the sdat5958_em.exe.  now i dabble with computery stuff but i'm by no means a tech expert.  i spent several hours just learning the basics of cmd prompt commands and employing trial and error (had nothing to lose that wasn't already lost).

if, like me, you deleted the DAT folder from that directory before running the supposed fix file, here's what to do to get it back, as best as i remember doing it:

run cmd

type CD\

and hit enter

then type dir 5958 /s /b

and hit enter

give it a few minutes, it's searching for the location of files with 5958 in the name.

after a while, this turned up results in a list, giving me the path to the recycler and where it'd stored the bad files i'd deleted prematurely.

the path was quite lengthy, but i'll write it as an example so you know what to hopefully look for:


i then opened my computer and began to type that lot in and, luckily, the computer recognised that and filled it in for me.  yay!  i'd found the pesky files i was unable to restore from the recycle bin.

next: learning how to copy that folder back to where it was originally.

in cmd, type:

copy [the path you've just found - yes you will have to type all that in yourself] c:\progra~1\mcafee\virusscan

e.g. this is what you'd see in cmd:

C:\>copy c:\recycler\s-1-5-21-776561741-1060284298-682003330-500\dc1\5958.0 c:\progra~1\mcafee\virusscan

hit enter.  give it a few seconds to do its thing.

the original DAT folder that you deleted too soon should now be back to where it was before!

yay, so, now you can run the sdat5958_em.exe.  if you have it on a removable storage device (ipod/cd/flash drive), and want it on your pc desktop, in cmd type:

copy [drive letter]:\[file location] desktop


C:\>copy H:\mcshitty\sdat5958_em.exe desktop

hit enter.

now run the app.  it'll actually work this time, yaay!

reboot your computer, normal mode is fine.  log in as yourself.

my task bar wasn't yet back at this point.  i had to get a friend to turn on his old laptop with win xp pro and email me his version of svchost as a .zip file.  i extracted it to c:\windows\system32.  i got a message asking me to insert my win xp sp3 installation cd because important files had changed.  i did so, nothing actually happened beyond the explorer loading to show me what was on the cd.  i removed the cd, restarted my computer and contemplated praying, but not being religious, i decided that would be wrong.

i logged back in on my normal username with fingers crossed.  i waited.  my sexy wallpaper loaded.  i waited.  i waited.  MY TASKBAR LOADED and i was ridiculously happy.  mcshitty went mad and cried about needing updates.  i allowed it to do so.

it's now fully up to date and will shortly be uninstalled and replaced with avg.  i just thought i'd best post here and try to describe how i fixed it.

you'll have to excuse me now, i've an awful lot of catching up to do!

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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

i wasn't able to find a download for it anywhere that i trusted.  the version of it on my win xp sp3 cd was strangely *not* an executable file, it was a .ex_ and didn't work when i tried to use it.  that's why i got a mate to email it to me.

if someone knows a quick easy way for me to upload the file i used somewhere, i'll do it!

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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

Awesome Kronen.

We, over here (Scarily close to the Mcafee HQ... scary thoughts are being thought up here), have a bigger problem. In efforts to solve the problem, and Mcafee saying that the problem was in the DAT file we not only deleted it to the recycle bin but also deleted it from the recycle bin, hence it is not possible to get it back!

Does anyone know what to do in this rather apocaliptic case?

Many thanks,


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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

all i can suggest is that whilst i was reading up on how the recycle bin works is that i found a few different posts etc saying that you can recover items from an emptied bin with the help of other software.  the one that i saw mentioned a few times is called Restoration.  i can't vouch for it at all, it'd be entirely at your own risk, but here's one of the links i saw it at http://www.aumha.org/a/recover.php

i remember a different tech forum site talking about the tech behind such apps but i'm afraid i've looked at so many sites today i haven't got a clue which one it is in my history.

good luck!

and if any of your lot visits the mcafee hq, tell them to give em a good kick from me

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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

I would have a rant about my last few days but I haven't got the energy left!! Compensation would be desirable too.

I have had the same problems too and fixed most of them by deleting the 5958 DAT file as noted in the post I was reading and copying the svchost.exe file from another folder on my broken computer using the CMD prompt as described in Mcafee instructions. (haven't got a link as looked at hundreds)

The computer is now back up and running mostly.

The post I read also said remove Mcafee and reinstall - what a disaster!! Mcafee was removed ok I think BUT:

Something has seriously screwed up my internet connection speed............my laptop which was unaffected shows a speedtest of 2.6Mb/s whereas my affected desktop only manages 0.6Mb/s - this means I couldn't reinstall Mcafee online as it gave up after a couple of hours.

I have reinstalled from my original disk which worked but now it is trying to download virusscan which is taking forever.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Does anyone know what has caused this change in download speed and how to fix it. It was working great before yesterday.

I have logged a request with Mcafee support and tried phoning twice but I guess they are a bit busy today!!!?!??

Thanks for any help.


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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

I hear you may not need to uninstall just reboot and right click on the shield and update from there.

When You uninstalled did you run the MCPR removal tool?

Also good to run Preinstall tool as well before installing

That helps things

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Re: Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file

Man I need some serious help.  I have windows xp service pack 3 and it wont start up after McAfee ran the other night.  I tried to log into safemode to download a fix but not matter how I try connect to the internet (network or wireless) it will not go online.  How do I fix this without access to the internet??

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