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New member need lots of advice

Sorry if I seem to get off topic, new here. I have a big problem. I have a brother who has hacked into my sisters mac and that involves me because I can't email her and feel safe. Obviously a long story, I can pretty much prove this and need it to stop. Legal advice is good too. Decided to try this forum because there are a lot of eyes here.:confused:
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RE: New member need lots of advice

Can't help with "Mac" matters but my advice is tell your sister to make her machine more secure and stop, for now at least, communicating electronically with her at all.

Cyberstalker help

We started not contacting each other electronically today. Thanks
This is all such at tough call because he's clearly breaking the law and we can pretty much prove he's hacked into her stuff. Brash enough to send he an email on how he did it. I have some serious suspicions he got into my yahoo account when I was using her Mac last week so I started using another account. I have noticed a couple of blocks from the Mccaffee and wish I could find out where they're coming from. I also have the attachment that he sent to my sister to gain access into her mac. Not sure if the one he sent me has anything, I never bothered to open it. If I can prove that this is from him I could make it stop real easy.

RE: Cyberstalker help

I can only advise you to make everything secure. Password protect using strong new passwords all the accounts including any hidden Administrator accounts and password protect the BIOS so he can't get in that way.

Your brother obviously needs help for this compulsion to invade peoples' privacy and this behaviour could lead to serious criminality.

My advice is to ask the police for their opinions on the matter.

If by "a couple of blocks" you mean Incoming Events, then they are all blocked attempts anyway and we all get those.
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RE: Cyberstalker help


Legal action would fall under computer fraud & abuse (hacking/cracking) and would possibly start at a state jurisdiction (Local Cybercrime division) and then under federal law (FBI) if the state did not have the means to handle the case.

Your first post indicated you were family (brothers and sisters), are you sure you want to do this?

Without more detailed or specific information about what was done, we can not offer sound advice about this situation. The fact is we have no proof or even evidence besides a vague description. Are you able to actually share some details about your case?

sound info

Thats where it gets tough. Now my sister out of the country has plenty of evidence of cyberstalking. Not only is he harrassing her but also her friends. My sister has gotten of 40 emails since April 28th I believe but has never answered him. I do have 2 emails here that he indicates he has accress to her email plus just his knowledge of something she sent only to me or only to her attorney that he knows about. Today my sister got into her gmail account from a internet cafe just to eliminate her Mac and found out that somebody had gotten into her gmail account and the top 3 emails were getting lifted from her account whenever she signed on or something. But it was also set up to leave a copy behind so nobody would miss anything. So at least the source has been found. is there any way to find out where they were being sent?

Its a tough call but basically he feels she wronged him a few years ago and is now going for pay backs. Lots more to the story, my father is in poor health. The brother is 38 and has either lived with my parents, my sister and now back to Dads. No job, pretty educated. But storys he uses for his claims are all documented as not being true as far as my sisters part of the deal.

He's obviously very obsessed in controling my dad and my sister, I pretty sure my dad favors her over him and its real obvious why that is. If my sister or I calls and tells my dad anything he causes my sister even more problems. All her friends and aquiantences are so fed up they're starting to ride her to get him to stop. What he needs is someone to take that computer away from him and admit him into treatment.

When I was in CR last week and asked somebody that knows him about wether it was possible for him to gain access he said "PC shouldn't be a problem." I let him know sis uses a Mac." his answer was "Get prepared for your worst nightmare."

I do have hundreds of hard copies of stuff that he has sent to her and I. Plus a source not wanting to be identafied gave me the stuff that was sent to him including his attempts to tell my brother he didn't want to get involved in such matters. Most everything is also stared in my pc too. I also can show somebody the actuak attachment he sent to my sister that he claims is how he got into her MAC. I'm fairly certain he hasn't gotten into my PC but wouldn't be surplrised if when I was in CR and checked my yahoo account from sister mac that he was able to gain access at that time but I don't have enough evidence now know how to check for it.

Anyhow, hopefully all will settle down once he realizes she's on to him and had tightened up security. But he still just might have a few more tricks up his sleeve to so I need as much info as possible. Next thing he'll be spreading my dirty laundry.

Any specific questions? sorty being broad based as theres so much to tell.

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RE: sound info

This was a bit more information than I expected. I was looking just for the actual evidence of hacking. It sounds more like there was a security hole planted within someone's computer. It's also possible it was done via email or by some backup access (forwarded emails, easily guessed password or password reset policy). The fix for this kind of fix for this kind of exploit is to close every potential hole but it seems like you do not know what the security hole is yet.

If you want to persue legal action, then the police and FBI are the people to contact. Just remember cases like this usually a while (evidence, warrant, trial).

In the meantime, if you need further assistance, feel free to email me and I can give you more info about your security options and solutions for your case.

Hole planted

Thats exactly how it was done. he sent her (actually all of us) a video of some raccoons and somehow had this thing attached to it. After that my sister noticed her Mac would be unlocked whenever she fired it up. At first thinking "thats odd" she later changed her password and it seemed to solve the problem. Of couse by them he had gotten into her email account. I do think he tried to get into mine and got my info while I was using her daughters notebook. Luckily Yahoo took noticed and informed me that 2 can't be on the site at one so I changed the password, seemed to work but I still opened up 2 new email accounts anyway.

I have that raccoon attachment, ends up I never opened mine. was real busy or something when he sent it out and later I forgot about it. Found it yesterday when I was looking for something from past emails of his.

RE: Hole planted

The best thing for her, unless she want to follow litigation, is to format the MAC to wipe everything, then make sure the new OS is secure.

If she left it turned off when she's not there then noone could get in there without her knowledge.
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RE: Hole planted

Even with a wiped machine, you must also consider other attack vectors. These could go as simple as breaking poor email security to even having hardware level keyloggers, cameras, and mirrored phones and email accounts.
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