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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown


By disabling the Data Execution what you've essentially done is prevented McAfee from integrating and initializing any updates!

I do not recommend that course of action.

As I've mentioned, MANY times, this "memory write" error is surely caused by an inaccurate or incomplete script in the software. I also believe, it is associated with multiple users on a single computer, multiple users but only one having "Administrator" access.

The error will be first generated when a limited user has logged-on and shutdown. McAfee is trying to write some file or files associated with the user to an area of the C-drive to which the user doesn't have access. This action is causing a conflict and thus an error message is generated.

As is the nature of Windows and Windows dependent software, the error message and the corrupted files are carried over to any use who subsequently is shutting down the computer.

Further difficulites arise when users have deviated from the expected ('Default') set-up of the desktop and other applications. Tracing an error while compensating for user preferential changes is a MONUMENTAL task.

I would suggest McAfee go back to it's 2007 records [wherein a similar error ocurred]and compare them to the 2009 upgrade [wherein that error was permanently corrected].

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown


Disabling Data Execution Prevention for a particular file (McSvhost.exe) will NOT prevent McAfee from integrating or initilaizing any updates.

Data Execution Prevention is a set of code inside the hardware of modern processors(AMD/Intel) that when the Windows software is turned on for it, that it simply flags certain areas of memory as "no write" and sets an nx bit. If the programs tries to write to an area of memory the processor has flagged with the nxbit, then it closes the application (to protect from Buffer Overflows) hence where this error stems from...it is trying to write to a memory space that DEP has flagged as nowrite.

it is common for many applications and web browser plug-ins to be exempted from DEP..in fact windows XP SP3 just recently opted-in Internet Explorer to DEP, and IE8 is the first version of Internet Explorer to ship with DEP enabled on it by default...it ran just fine exempted from DEP since it became shipped with Windows in XP SP2.

Exempting the McSvHost.exe file from DEP will allow it to write to memory area it needs to write to so it can close properly and avoid data corruption...DEP will still be turned on for everything else like its supposed to, and the software will update fine and run without issue...I have te4sted it against Eicar and various other security tests, the software runs and updates fine and has been for the last 6 days...I wouldn't suggest this if it didn't work for me.

it is also very trival to undo if it doesn't work for ya by removing the exception from the My computer properties Window.

I am NOT saying to disable DEP globally on the computer, I am saying to exempt McSvhost.exe from it temporarily....MS put the exemption tab in there for a reason, because sometimes it is neccessary. This will atleast give folks some relief until McAfee pushes an update at which time folks can remove the exception.

this will not decrease you McAfee security.....letting this error go too long could result in some sort of file corruption however, and no one wants that....the software will run the same as it always has, and will be able to function as it should until McAfee updates the files.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

Somebody suggested that several days ago, but modifying the DEP option only hides the problem and, frankly, I don't like errors going on behind my back.

Data corruption is extremely unlikely, since Windows shuts down and turns off the computer. I don't know what McSvHost is trying to do, but it's not able to do it, so I don't see how it could corrupt data.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

Wetmoref2 wrote:

As I've mentioned, MANY times, this "memory write" error is surely caused by an inaccurate or incomplete script in the software. I also believe, it is associated with multiple users on a single computer, multiple users but only one having "Administrator" access.

The error is not limited to multiple users on a single computer. I am the only user on my computer and I have been getting the error since a day or 2 after the new version was installed.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

In response to Wetmoref2.

I do not have a "disk"

This is a program that is installed on my computer when factory built. It is for the sole purpose of "resetting / erasing all data" from the Hard Drive, and reinstalling ALL drivers / operating software in the event of a pc malfunction, i.e if its in an un-repairable state.


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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

Currently I have had no major problem with the shutdown error other than its annoying. for 3 days it did not appear, then reappeared lastnight. When this all started at first I blamed the Beta testers for Total Protection 2010. This is why we beta test software and if issues are not presented, then the developers can not address the issue. After Peacekeepers post on it still being in Beta, I now hold Mcafee totally responsible for this cause. Macfee better seriously consider reinbursting customers with some sort of free year or something. It is a criminal act to Knowingly and willingly sell or distribute a harmful product to a consumer. Mcafee should have never released the 2010 version to XP with a known issue in beta. What they have released is and can be considered a virus for the fact that it has/is doing the same thing to peoples computers that viruses do.

No disrespect to you peacekeeper, but personally it may have not been a wise decision to disclose that this issue in known in the Beta Software. If you think I'm wrong, talk to any Civil Lawyer and you'll see different.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown


Both my laptops were completely out of commission for almost the entire last  2-3 weeks.  I was finally able to restore them to the last backup, unfortunately one of them was last backed up 9/9/2009.  My fear is if I stay with McAfee what is to stop this from happening again.  I think McAfee, after much angst, is finally stepping up to the plate by formally stating they will reimburse me for my repairs and I have 2 years of free virus protection.  It is just a sad deal that one must claw and fight in order for the BIG companies to do what is morally right and play like good corporate citizens.  I would have felt more secure and had the warm fuzzies if McAfee had sent out an email indicating WARNING in the subject line - warning one not to do certain things that would further compromise their systems.  Instead, I had to search the Internet on my Macbook, find the issue and the support numbers.  My wireless is still out, which leaves me having to make more calls to them and/or Netgear (the router manufacturer).

McAfee wasted money by sending the 5958 fix it CD to me via FedEx.  I appreciate the effort, but nothing like throwing things at a problem knowing and admiting it was not the fix.  I found their action to be rather strange and counterproductive!

However, their recent email made me feel a little better.  Perhaps there is hope...even though I am still limping along with my laptops that won't recognize my wireless network.

Good luck!

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

Do I read this right? That McAfee had not tested this stupid 2010 on XP and released it in any case, I want more than compensation for this huge mistake on the part of McAfee.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

I think you read it correctly.  Somewhere within these messages a blogger stated the DAT file update/change thingy slipped through the proper "quality" checks.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

Steerpike_ca wrote:

When this problem first came to our attention, we identified the cause and released a fix for that in April.  However, since it obviously didn't resolve the issue for everyone, we have gone back to the drawing board and have since realized that this issue has multiple causes.

A major problem with diagnosing this issue has been that it does not occur on every XP system.  For example, I run our products on different fully-patched XP systems and I have yet to see it happen.  We've tried reproducing it (as Peacekeeper and several of our developers and technicians have) on multiple XP machines and so far we cannot force the problem to occur, so we've had problems getting a problematic machine to run process scanning tools (like process explorer) and other diagnostic tools.

We've since collected logs from several systems with the problem (some from people in this thread) and believe we have found another cause and are working on that.

Also, as of this month, this issue has gained some high profile attention, mostly due to this thread.  Specifically, it's been pushed to the developers and more importantly, the decision makers.

I'll update this thread when I hear what progress is being made.

You are unable to reproduce the problem,when so many people here are having the same problem as of May2010 when it was first reported in Feb2010.Some thing really going  wrong at your side.Let me assure you of few things from the discussions here:

1. The error is appearing after more than 5 days of fresh(clean)install of 2010 & when updates are downloaded.Trust & believe that if this happens to so many people in this forum,it is also happening for customers out side this forum too.Going by the discussions of this problem in this forum,other tech forums & from google search one can easily guess that the problem has been observed by  atleast 50% or more of the customers of Mcafee2010 on XP.

2. If your developers can't reproduce this problem,you can be certain that they can never find a fix quickly.

My suggestions to your developers are:

1. First trust & be conviced that this error is there & treat it as a serious error(pl don't assume &  take it lightly that it is not creating any major problem to the user).

2. First create an environment at your place as the of a user as follows:

    a) Setup  1 or 2  XP systems with all patches as stand alone machines(isolate them from your networked enivornment of your office).

    b) have a seperate DSL connection for these PC's

    c) Install some very common applications a user would have on his system like MS Office,Pdf reader,Zip extractor etc etc.

    d) Download 2010 version as a customer(don't pull a copy from your servers),i.e follow the proceedure as if you are a customer,purchase it & install from your account.

    e) check if the error shows up(it might not show up until after 5 days of updates)

I am 100% sure you will have the error if you do as above, then you do your R & D to fix it.

Ghaaaash!!!!! it appears to me that as for as the developers are concerned they are still in Feb2010

I appreciate Peacekeeper, Steerpike_ca & the customers here who been contributing their best.BUT AS I HAVE ALWAYS SAID FROM THE VERY FIRST POST OF MINE, THE DEVELOPERS ARE NOT UPTO THE MARK TO FIX THIS PROBLEM. They are the once's who can fix this.

Also Mcafee would have done a great favour to itself if they had made a good policy decision to allow roll back to 2009 for XP customers, which is also very strange why they haven't done that.

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