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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown


Regarding your free AVG anti-virus install:  I did the same a short time ago. It was so terrific that I purchased the AVG Internet Security. Really happy with it. Really happy with their customer response. Oh yeah, and the people who speak English there actually speak English intelligibly. What a pleasant surprise after McAFee.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

gwayles1 wrote:


Why should I be running Adobe 9? People should not HAVE TO upgrade to more expensive versions just because they go through an update on an OS from XP/SP2 to SP3. Upgrading from Adobe 7.0 to Adobe 9.0 is expensive. Likewise upgrading Photoshop. Likewise upgrading CorelDraw. Likewise Illustrator. And Dreamweaver. Shall I go on? And because Adobe 8 and higher is just junk and bloatware. Like I said, it is a conspiracy by software manufacturers to force people to constantly buy new software they do not need. On the other hand, if you want to send me the extra cash to buy all the latest and greatest software that I use, I'll be happy to purchase it. None of which really matters, as I have no intention of upgrading to SP3 AND I have no intention of ever purchasing McAFee again, so no problems here anymore.

I realise that, but I've gone throught the same thing and had to bite the bullet on more than one occasion.  Sometimes I'm lucky and find a free application to do the same thing, other times either fork out the money or simply do without.

It's your prerogative what protection software you have but to purposely hold back your OS security-wise simply to accomodate old software is backward thinking IMHO.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

Hi gwayles1

You said it right & hit the nail on the head.It is the true & real fact that customers are being exploited to keep on upgrading their perfectly working hardware to accomodate bloted up software.OS vendors,software vendors,application vendors group up together to keep dropping support for old versions to force customers to buy new versions.example:why Mcafee has to drop support for XP sp2(unless it has understanding with MS to do so).We have reached a stage where a computer owner is only in control of his system physically(less than5%) but the real control of his hardware,software,applications are all(95%) in the hands of these groups at the cost of the customer who pays.Many techies won't bite their bullets they find a work around,but they are a very low percentage of market when compared to the high percentage of innocent computer users who stand to lose a great deal of money.

The solution has to come from consumers only by refusing to purchase anything new unless otherwise it helps them greatly interms of usage beyond 80% more incomparision with the currently owned gadgets or software they have.They can save a lot of money too.

Who gave them (Mcafee) permission to upgrade to 2010 version without the real owner of the software who has purchased the 2009 version asking for it.They are supposed to update only virus & malicious program DAT files,am I right??

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

PCFriend wrote:

Who gave them (Mcafee) permission to upgrade to 2010 version without the real owner of the software who has purchased the 2009 version asking for it.They are supposed to update only virus & malicious program DAT files,am I right??

You did when you downloaded it was assumed you had read the EULA where basically it says the software remains McAfee's property...you can check it out on the account download page.

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown


When a company advertises their product as compatible with an OS (in this case XP/SP2 - as well as others) then the user has the right to expect exactly that. Some people downloaded the 2010 version and were originally users of the 2009 version - no doubt they expected McAfee was improving their lot, not worsening it. Others of us purchased 2010 out of the box. The box said it was compatible with SP2. Therefore, McAfee has the obligation to be sure their software does what it says it will do - EULA does not provide that a vendor can foist faulty software on users, as far as I know. Nobody expects that the software they pay good money for will create unanticipated technical problems. Incidentally, McAfee 2010 WAS compatible until they did the upgrade of 2010, even for those who were already using 2010 successfully. It was THAT secondary upgrade that created all the problems. Therefore, McAfee needs to go back to whoever messed up the software and get them to fix it and/or fire them for incompetence, and then hire somebody who knows what they're doing. Gee, do you suppose they might hire a software engineer in the United States? Nah, probably not.

As far as purchasing new and bloated software because of companies trying to force users to buy new stuff:  kindly keep in mind that not all of us are wealthy. When we buy security software, even that is an expense. We put out the extra dollars (or whatever the currency of a given nation is) for it because we want to protect our computers. If a software company promises to protect our computers but instead mucks up the works, then what is their justification for their continuing business operations?

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown


Has the engineers at Mcafee pinpointed what is
causing the problem?

Will there be an automatic update to correct
this problem in the near future?

I read from other posts about a
beta copy which was causing some users to have issues after

I don't want to download and install this beta copy
to my computer and then start having issues.

1. I fear there are many issues though as Peter mentioned maybe the timing of shutdown could help. that requires a registry edit and our admin will contact 1 of you to test this.

2. Sorry cannot say maybe the timing idea might help

3. Not that I see had beta for 4 years rare to cause issue

4.Do not bother we have 2 users here with it and issue still there Our tech asking developers why they said issue fixed will get back to you

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown


Checking out the beta copy on my second drive earlier this evening, the PC twice shut down with no error message.  This was running IE6 on XP SP3.

I then reinstalled IE8 and immediately ran into trouble with this forum.  It was displaying totally rubbish, with parts overlapping and allsorts.  Strange thing is, that it was only on this forum.  Any other website was fine, even the main McAfee site.  I clicked the compatability button, then hit refresh and it sorted itself out.  Restarting with IE8 gave the error message every time that I either shut down or restarted.

Back on this primary hard disk and main XP installation with SP3 and IE8, no problems with the displaying of the forum.  However, I found that McAfee had disappeared from my hard disk, yet still appeared in control panel (add/remove programs) and all the entries were still in the registry.  Very strange.  I ran the removal tool put the CD in and did a new clean install from the web, which took about an hour to run through.  So this released version now has the latest updates.  When I both shut down the computer and after restarting, rebooted it, the error message failed to appear.

Having said that, it will probably appear when I shut down after this session.

So, to summarise:

As far as the beta installation goes,  no errors on shutdown/reboot with IE6 installed, but error message appeared every time I rebooted or shut down after re-installing IE8.

Official release copy, freshly reinstalled tonight with latest of everything has not yet given any error messages.

The two attached screenshot clips show the status of the release version and the beta version, along with task manager showing running processes at the time.

Message was edited by: ajmitch on 27/04/10 18:01:49 CDT
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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

Seems 2 times not enough to assume anything I think the other user went more times before it returned. The size showing for mcsvhopst is variable depends on use at the time. Mine on the beta say 9160 atm.

Readers I assume this on both forms of XP ie home and pro?

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

I still fail to see why McAfee cannot just roll everyone back to the 2009 programme which had no errors or glitches in it. It worked perfectly well and did the job that we expect from McAfee.

I was perfectly satisfied with the 2009. A roll bck needs to be done, and McAfee need to concentrate on getting this 2010 release "perfect" before every even thinking of releasing any other programme, instead of you using their customers as their "beta Testers" and "Guinneapigs".

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Re: McSvHost.exe causes error on Shutdown

Not using you as beta testers that is me Nowhere through 4 mths of testing did this turn up there was a case in week 1 where we got such an error on boot not shutdown and that was fixed asap.

I will ask re 2009 maybe possible maybe not using a particular server.

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