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Feedback about Messages/Alerts

This thread is for posting complaints about the messages you receive.


Some of the reasons we message our customers is to provide product insights, information about security threats, support information, or subscription information such as renewal and discounts.

Many customers have given feedback that we haven’t told them enough or let their subscriptions expire. Some customers have given feedback that they are receiving too many messages. We are trying to create a balance for our customers so everyone is happy. Our goal is to keep our customers protected.

We (Support) have already forwarded some complaints to the Product Management team. As a result some changes were made back in November to reduce the number of messages. The current version does not allow you to opt-out of these messages. An opt-out feature is targeted for the 2011 version.


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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts

In response to the emai about pop-ups. I did a clean install once but still getting pop-ups.

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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts

I have attempted all the fixes and still get up to three messages per day, each one states that my McAfee product has been uograded and asks if I want to "learn more" or dismiss.  While I dismiss continually, the persistence of this pop-up on one of my computers (running XP SP3) is so annoying that I am seriously considering going to another program.  While the pop-up doesn't occur on my other computers (running Vista and Windows 7) - somethings is incredibly wrong when so many of us, particlularly those who have ben long-time customers, are... DAMN it just happened in the middle of typing this message.. being inconvenienced.  Please fix this ASAP.

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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts

I have the exact same issue. I've tried all your "fixes" to no avail. I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit with all Windows updates. I get the same "your mcafee security software has just been upgraded" message about 4-5 times a day and it's bugging the hell out of me. I will uninstall McAfee tonight if no fix. I'm subscribed to 6 licenses.

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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts



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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts

Well folks, 2011 has passed and I do not see an option to turn off pop-up ads.  What's up?

I've seen posts complaining about these pop-ups.  I haven't looked for posts praising them.

But the "marketing" question is really simple.  Your customers object to the "feature." The "feature" is still there. So McAfee must figure it's easier to get new customers for their existing product than it is to keep its existing customers. 

Someday I'll get one pop-up too many and McAfee will join Symantec and Trend Micro as suppliers of A/V products I have discontinued. 

I'll take a pop-up for protection expiration within 90 days of expiration.  No sooner. 90 days, 60 days,30 days, 14 days, 7 days, then daily. 

If you wish to communicate with me about ANYTHING else,  send me an e-mail.  Not a pop-up. 

And of course if I've missed the option, let me know where it is and I will amend my comments.  V11.0. 

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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts

I whole heartedly agree they can be annoying. I have passed the concern of the posters here up the line and we will see what happens. That is all we can do at present from our standpoint.

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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts

OK I don't have the EXACT same issue as everyone else seems to, but it is similar. As of today I started getting pop-ups in the bottom-right corner of my screen that are basically just ads...no update notifications or anything like that...just purely promotional material...and it really cheeses me off!! So much so that I registered for this forum just so I could give the devs a piece of my mind (about this and another annoying issue that's been bothering many McAfee users).

From the old thread:

sleepycapt wrote:

a ridiculously invasive and arrogant mentality renders this...software useless.

the problem with downloading it again is, you get latest interface and marketing pack and its worse every time. no, you cannot fix it. no, you cannot stop the interruptions. we will decide when to interrupt your work. we will decide what features you will use. DEAR MCAFEE: you are not PAYING ME to use your software. i am paying you. listen. think. learn.

i don't believe mcafee has any inclination to "resolve" this issue because in their eyes it is not an issue at all-- its a design.

pop ups i received...were...demanding that i utilize the spam control/site advisor etc...every six minutes! that is not exactly a critical warning. if you decline to auto update WHEN MCAFEE CHOOSES then you will have similar problems. my question: why have settings at all when they are to be ignored?

there is an arrogance to this practice which goes well beyond any technical solution.

brit...my original point was that it is NOT "two seconds" as you claim. at least in my case, this pop up appeared over two hundred times. not reasonable, brit. what would you say to your phone provider if they INTERRUPTED YOUR CALLS to offer you sales deals? would that be a "good deal" too? (likely explanation: "hey, we're just trying to keep you informed.") if you seriously believe mcafee could get more than $70 a copy without losing market share i simply disagree. it is a fact...that pop ups DO NOT save you or i money; they generate PROFIT for the corporation. mcafee, same as every other corporation, charges exactly what they can get away with. nothing more, nothing less. any savings are for THEM, not you. truth, my friend.

Couldn't have possibly said it better myself! Although it's not so much the time wasted that annoys me, but the mere principle that this is MY computer and I am PAYING YOU for this software, therefore you have NO RIGHT to do something that you're supposed to protect against! The arrogance, hypocrisy and stupidity of it is soooooooo frustrating!

Soundmn wrote:

It sounds like you are suggesting that pop up ads are normal as long as they aren't the same ad more than once...even one ad is too many in my opinion...if this really is McAfee's policy, I am seriously disappointed.

"Disappointed" is a gross understatement!

I wouldn't have a problem with messages telling me...a virus has been found...

...or anything else that the program is actually SUPPOSED to notify you of...

...(but) I do have issues with advertising your product with pop ups when I have almost 300 days remaining in my subscription.

I have 342 days left and am getting the same (or similar) pop ups!

There is NO reason to be asking me to renew already! Why do I have to keep getting these ads?!?

I use an antivirus program to eliminate these unwanted pop-ups. When the antivirus software sends its own unwanted pop-ups, the comparison (to a virus) seems valid.

The time it takes to eliminate this specific ad from my screen is not the point. It only takes a second to delete an unwanted email and you don't even have to look at that, but look at all the software that's out there to delete/block unwanted spam from your email. People in general do not like unwanted advertising no matter how they get it. Email, phone calls, junk mail, pop-up ads all are unwanted...when you pay for software you should not be forced to watch ads.


When you ask someone to spend $70 for a program you can not also expect your clients to gladly accept advertisements...There is zero benefit to me to have these ads.

Once again, couldn't have said it better myself.

dougr_t3_support wrote:

Smart Messages provide information about your subscription and protection.

Some of the messages you will see are about how to secure your computer and information. Our goal is to keep you protected.

If there is a virus outbreak you may get a message. Our goal is to keep you protected.

If your product has been upgraded and the features are drastically different you may get a message. Our goal is to educate you on the new features.

That's all well and good...but do the EXACT SAME messages have to keep coming up time and time again??

If your subscription is about to expire you may get a message. Our goal is to keep you protected.

Now this one actually made me laugh. Who the h*ll do you think you're kidding?! The only reason you want us to re-subscribe is TO MAKE MORE MONEY!!! Now that would be perfectly understandable and forgivable (after all, you are a business), if only you didn't try to blatantly lie about it!! That just makes me feel as though YOU feel that we are all stupid little monkeys that have no clue! And then this:

Click Close and the message will go away. If you let is disappear on its own it may show again thinking you didn't read it.

Soundmn wrote:

Thanks Doug, I'm not trying to be an *** here. I know it's not you personally sending me the messages...But...come on..."Click close and it will go away"? Don't you think that sounds just a bit condescending? I have always clicked close. The messages always come back. Maybe not the identical ad, but an ad for McAfee always returns later.

"Just a bit condescending"...another gross understatement by Soundmn! You are treating us as though we're absolute idiots!

I could say so much more in response to the old thread but I've already taken up half a page with this one post...so I'll just leave you with one more related complaint.

After an automatic update, SecurityCenter always prompts me to restart every 15 mins or so until I do. Once again I am not an idiot; I can figure out what's best for me and I'm sure the whole world is not going to come crashing down around me if I don't restart RIGHT THEN AND THERE. So maybe prompt me once, and then leave me the h*ll alone!! I'll restart when I'm good and ready to!

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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts

Agreed as well most this Marketing choices and tho we mods have complained it is above our influence to stop. See if Doug picks up on your post.  Re the restating popup might be better in 2012 as I notice there is now a setting to stop such an alert though if the program requires a restart something major must have been changed and that could affect your protection. Maybe Doug can comment on that as well.

Have a merry xmas

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Re: Feedback about Messages/Alerts

Peacekeeper wrote:

tho we mods have complained it is above our influence to stop.

I understand that mate, and don't expect any more from you than you have given. Thank you for all your repeated efforts to snap them into line, but I fear that they will continue to ignore you and all of us

if the program requires a restart something major must have been changed and that could affect your protection.

I understand that, but I'd rather be "unprotected" for a while until I finish my work, than have to restart and lose my train of thought. The reason I say "unprotected" is that I've never seen the real-time scanner go off, or had a positive result from a full system scan EVER, except when I've visited a website or downloaded something that I knew was risky.

It's not like the old days when people would maliciously create and distribute viruses just for the heck of it...these days threats are more to do with stealing your money or personal info, but if you never visit the wrong kind of websites or download unscrupulous material, or open emails that you didn't ask for or don't know the sender of, you have a 0.01% chance of ever getting hit.

The only reason I have SecurityCenter installed AT ALL is because I fear that one day, that one little virus might sneak its way through when I am tired or otherwise judgement-impaired, and if not for SC or some other AV software, next time I log on to internet banking, bam...I lose my life savings. It IS a scary thought, but I still don't mind leaving myself vulnerable to it for an hour or two when I'm in the middle of finally cracking that damn bug that's been bothering me for 2 weeks!

I'm actually a programmer myself, so maybe I should have more sympathy for McAfee's devs LOL, but when they purposefully design something this way, it annoys me. Many would disagree with me I'm sure, but I'm also sure that many would agree.

I notice there is now a setting to stop such an alert

Well that is good news; I'll try out the beta and let you know what I think.

Thanks again for all your help and merry christmas

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