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Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

Please help -- now it's my turn to need urgent assistance:

My Dell PC running OEM MSC 2009 on Win7-Ult/64-bit -- totally rock stable -- got the new version updates today from McAfee.

SHORT version:  Even after a total uninstall, MCPR.exe, fresh install from my account, when McAfee 2010 is installed on this platform, it prevents the computer from booting into anything other than safe mode. (No normal mode, no safe mode with networking).

When I uninstall and clean up McAfee and roll back to the system restore point created just prior to starting all this, the computer is completely normal.

Even after a complete uninstall, MCPR and clean install (that seemed to be updating, opening and working properly, including integration with Windows), the system will only boot into safe mode with McAfee installed.  There have been no error messages during any part of this to suggest a problem.  I have no other AV software installed (never did) and have nothing else "odd" in the way of programs.

Prior to install, I uninstalled MBAM and SAS and ran their cleanup tools.

The McAfee update installed on top of old version, and seemed to be fine right up to asking for restart.

Then the wheels fell off...

1) At reboot, after the Windows logo, the display went black & HDD shut down (no drive activity), even though power switch was on.  Waited for several minutes -- no reboot.Nothing.

2) Tried to reboot into normal mode from the power switch -- same problem.  Windows logo -> black screen, no boot.

3) Tried to boot into safe mode with networking and got BSOD, and then still wouldn't boot.

4) Did eventually succeed in rebooting into safe mode (no networking).

5) From safe mode, was able to open McAfee GUI, but it said "not protected" and wouldn't turn on protection.

6) Uninstalled McAfee from control panel and ran MCPR.exe and checked to make sure all McAfee files were gone.

7) Rebooted normally -- everything fine, with McAfee uninstalled.  Computer completely normal.  Network connections fine, all programs fine.

😎 Went out to McAfee online account,downloaded and installed a fresh copy from my account.

9) Everything looked fine -- GUI opened fine, system protected (green check mark), checked for updates, normal desktop shortcut, normal system tray icon.

10) I thought it was OK. I had not yet even tried to reinstall MBAM or SAS. It was ONLY McAfee installed at this point.

11) Just to be safe, I tried a normal Windows shut down and cold start one last time.

12) EXACT SAME PROBLEM:  SYSTEM WILL ONLY BOOT INTO SAFE MODE, not normal, not safe/with/networking.

13) Had to boot once again into safe mode, uninstall McAfee, run MCPR and reboot.  Voila! System is back to fine again.

14) Have done several system shut downs to check, and computer is working fine.

(15) Have unplugged network cable to router for now, since I only have Windows firewall and Windows defender installed now.  I do not want to waste time reinstalling MBAM or SAS, since they will only need to be uninstalled again before I reinstall a security suite.

Yes, the system is fully patched with all Windows updates and no, I have no other AV installed (never did), and I do not even have MBAM or SAS installed (uninstalled with their cleaners prior to updating today).


Oh, and I was on the phone with fee-based, premium, N Am tech support at Dell for all this -- I have a contract, thankfully.

Agent was completely in agreement -- something about new McAfee version installed on this platform prevents computer from booting.  Everything boots and works fine without it.  Data are safe and programs work fine, but I will not go online until I can install a security suite.

Doubtful it will be McAfee, though, unless someone can provide a solution for this.  Clearly, McAfee is screwing up something in the OS required for the computer to boot normally.

PLEASE, PLEASE, I am already >3 hours into this, with 2 uninstalls/reinstalls.

So, I cannot do online chat with Tier 1, since that is all they will suggest, and I don't have a week to struggle with this.

Can someone PLEASE get me to T2 or T3 (preferably a native English speaker) who actually understands and might be able to help?

Thank you so much,


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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

[Edit: removed other system info from signature.]

Hope someone can help -- I am working on my laptop (another security suite) for now, so I do have internet access.  Want to minimize possibility of picking up an infection on the affected system, since there is no AV installed at the moment.

And I do have a log of the 2nd (also successful) running of the MCPR tool, if that will help.

Thanks so much for your assistance,


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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

Is there some way to bypass Tier1 chat -- I really don't want to use the affected computer online, since I don't have any AV installed at the moment.

I cannot find a phone number to use to call home user tech support....


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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

Moxie seems you might have the dreaded BSOD that is an issue with some win 7 64 users. Strange 1 as Peter and I use the same OS and never seen it. We both have i7 975 extremes but that is not a fix.


When you go to chat let them try installation if they want to but tell them the issue re BSOD first. After they fail You can request T2 call back but I do feel you might have this issue. Do yoiu know what build you actually got when it downloaded though by your post maybe you did not get that far. Does the bsod give a stop number and a file that it mentions?

Try the chat path I do feel this is the issue but if chat path no chop post back and I will get you higher help. You help others so that is the least I can do.  I wonder if Dell mcafee support worth a look in.

Phone call costs unless you are within 30days of purchase.


I will contact our admin and see if he knows more and can comment here

If you do any more installs save the minidump file or large 1 if you can.

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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

Hi, PK:

Forget about chat.

I called fee-based (clueless) Tier 1 & asked for escalation.

Told to wait >24 hours for call.

Please be aware:

1) Install on top of 2009 -> no boot (mind you, it wasn't a BSOD until I tried safe mode with networking, it was just a BLACK screen after the Windows logo).

2) Boot into safe mode, remove McAfee, run MCPR, restore back to a point created before update: everything fine.

3) Verify all McAfee cleaned, cleaned temp files, fresh download and reinstall went "OK", but I could not reboot except into safe mode after this.

So:  McAfee 2009 OEM -- works fine.  McAfee updates to 2010 -- no can boot.  Remove McAfee 2010 -- works fine.  Reinstall McAfee 2010 -- no can boot.  Remove McAfee again -- works fine.

Sorry, but there is no point in trying a 3rd time.

I have disconnected my network cable for now, since I only have WinDef and WinFW, no AV.

Don't want to reinstall MBAM or SAS yet, since I need an AV!

Unless someone expert can resolve this soon, I have no choice but to forfeit my subscription (3 years!) or try to get a refund, and move to another product.  I can't be without AV and I can't use my computer offline indefinitely.



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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

As mentioned see what our admin says. He will be back on at 9am US time Will give him an extra boost.

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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

Hi moxie momma,I have been also having all sorts of issues myself still.I also have a dell with  Win764bit.I can`t seem to keep a functioning version of 2010 on my computer.I have uninstalled & reinstalled countless times.At this point it is obviously affecting certain people.As this has been going on forever it seems.This may sound stupid but did you remember to see if your windows firewall is turned back on?Why don`t you turn that on, download something free like microsoft security essentails free(a pretty good product)in safe mode.Then do your online stuff.I hope i understood you right.Good luck.I can certainly sympathize,as i have had nightmares from the beggining.I am getting ready to install threatfire & security essentials myself if this continues.I can`t stomach much more.I`ts been how long now?I also just recieved the 2010 on my dell about 7 to 10 days ago.I have also have done about 4 uninstall reinstalls since.

                                                                                                                         good luck Jack

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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

@PK: Thanks very much.  Yes, I hoped against hope that your Win7/64 systems were a good omen.  I have the box offline for now (which is not ideal, since I can't do Carbonite backup of files).  I really need this fixed.  Or at least someone to say it's not fixable.  Since Win7 has been out for nearly a year and McAfee 2010 has been out for 6 months.  There has been plenty of time to resolve this....  There's nothing unusual about my hardware or software or OS. MSC 2009 was FINE -- that's why I dreaded this day....

@Newjack:  Yup, it's not good.  But at least your computer will boot.  If McAfee 2010 installs on my system, it won't even boot.  If I take McAfee off, everything is back to normal.

I have to work tomorrow, so I will likely not be able to undertake anything major until tomorrow night, local time.

I fear this is just another one of those "circular firing squads" between Dell, MS and McAfee.

Alas, the Dell and MS parts are fine.  So, I'm afraid that really does isolate the problem....

Have to shop for another security system now....



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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)


Sorry to be stupid, but where/how do I get minidump and large dump files?

(Never needed to do this before...)


As described above, the only BSOD occurred when I tried to boot into safe mode with networking (couldn't get the stop code written down in time), and then it went to black screen. This happened every time I tried to boot into safe mode with networking.

Trying to boot into normal mode didn't even generate a BSOD, a stop code or an error message -- just a totally black display after the Windows logo, but before the login screen.  Multiple times.

As for the build version, I have no idea.  I powered up the system (booted fine with MSC 2009, as usual) after I got home from work (~4 PM local) and got the "updates available" alert.  What tipped me off that this was the new version was that I had gotten a similar alert earlier this morning (around 8 AM) before I left for work.  Because of the odd time of day (I was already current on DAT and checked the McAfee site to see if there was an emergency DAT or other patch released overnight), I was pretty sure it was the new version.  So, I did not make any attempt to d/l or install it at that time.  I shut down the system normally, as I do when I go to work every day, with the plan to proceed "as if" it were the new version when I got home. I never got to look at the build.

The 2nd install was a fresh download from my account at about 5:30 PM local time.  As far as I could tell, the install went completely fine -- no error messages, no hangups, no crashes.  GUI opened and worked fine, the system tray icon was normal, the desktop shortcut was normal, and I did a manual update check which confirmed it was up to date.  I did not change any of the default settings to any component.  Everything looked fine.  I thought it was going to work. But it was just as a "precaution" that I then attempted a regular, manual, shut down (not even a restart, just a shut down).  When I did, the EXACT same thing happened as had occurred during the first attempt to update on top of the 2009 version: when I tried to restart the system, it crashed to a black screen between the Windows logo and the login.

And, again, there is NO problem with any component of the computer, including several reboots, NOW THAT MCAFEE IS COMPLETELY REMOVED.

I really have no appetite for trying this again -- it's insanity to repeat the process expecting a different result.

There is clearly an engineering flaw here with MSC and Win7/64.

I have no idea how to interpret data in the events log or even the minidumps, let alone the big dump files.

If someone can tell me how to retrieve and forward them, I will do that.

But I cannot endure another useless -- paid or not -- session with Tier1.  He didn't even understand the problem.

My service request number is: 545041768, and the agent's name was "Sean" (a pseudonym for sure, since he was in S Asia).

Too much info, I'm sure, but I am trying to explain everything as best I can.


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Re: Computer will not reboot after 2010 version update (Win7/64)

I totally agree with you.It`s pretty sad at this point.My computer boots but i recentley lost a hard drive.Plus i can`t seem to keep mine working long enough to be happy with it.I also keep experiancing "enable protection during start up " which keeps booting up as unchecked.Did you just recieve the 2010 version?Because after my hard drive failed, i had it fixed.I then downloaded Mcafee again & recieved the new 2010 version.I had 2009 before .

I also had this in my reliablity history after reinstalling Mcafee tonight.I hope this is`nt a omen of more fun and games.It says Mcsvhost stopped working!????

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