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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

I disagree with the "chillin and hanging" for the reasons I stated earlier.


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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Can you please interpet your comments? What is BDODing when booting mean?  I dont think I am stupid but I have been out of curculation for awhile.  🙂

I am excited for you too. but lets keep comments to that onlly other mcafee people understand, or at least explain them, lest you confuse others, like me.

Of course, that is only a suggestion as you are the moderators as you have explained.


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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

I reciprocate your feelings about me with regards to your judgement and the reason I havent checked that last comments in that last two hours was to make sure that my comments about your comments were correct and valid, and I do have a clue and I am the end user and I think I have something valuable to contribute.  Your hubris and arrogance does not make you look good in front of this audience by attacking someone for not readng the last few comments in the last few hours and saying that they are tired of their contributions here and using such personal attacks and abusive language to them.

I believe you owe me an apology as well as those you have dragged into the muck and mire.

Who are you? to say such things to a valid paying and upset customer and speak to them in that fashion in a public forum?  I hope for the sake of all mcafee empleyees that you are representing here, and try hard to be respectful to thier customer base that they dont feel the way that you do and might not appreciate you abusing a customer in a public forum.

I think you have overstepped your boundaries and allowed your personal feelings to interfere with your judgment (and lack of correcting my technical response, rather than to make general negative comments and is typical of how mcafee has handled this entire issue.  No doubt, when I make a formal complaint on Monday, they will share your views and you can continue to abuse customers on this website.

If you want to attack me on my accuracy, then I will listen.  I base my comments on experience on what i have said and still stand by them.  If you dont like the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Your comments to Bryan were incomplete and inaccurate in several places and I have explained them to those who read them, but I still gave you credit for them for the future and I thought he should know all that was needeed, not just the knowledge that a fix is on its way.

You cant stop the genie from being out of the bottle, just because someone is new to the thread and you want to protect your reputation and would prefer they dont know about the six month long thread here, as most people wont take the time to start at the beginning.  I am not the only one that has been vocal in their thoughts and feelings about the way this has been handled and their frustration over having to spend a lot of time and money in finding out who was culpabele for breaking the Search feature in Windows-7, and may of them professional technical individuals that do have a large stake in yoru product working corrrectly.

As I stated in my last comments, your attitude is typical of wanting to attack others now because you think you have a fix that will solve the problem, but have you actually tested it personally?  Many of the comments that your mods or other Mucafee people are making are cryptic and lacking in understanding of your entire audience (a critique not a personal attack on how to speak to your audience).

You have the option to shut me up or reply anyway you wish to my comments.  McAfee is responsible for this mess. I have vented my frustraions and you are doing a terrible job here and attacking those who have a valid reason for their comments and suggesting helping others.

Your are wrong, I have read the comments every single day and I did see when it is going to come on the 26th.  You missed my entire point in my reply to you. THIS DOES NOT SOLVE EVERYONES PROBLEMS.  You were so willing to jump on me, that you never bothered to respond to my suggestions and questions about what you plan to do about others that this fix has come too late for?

You need to tell the whole world right here what you intend to do to assist others in my position, instead of requiring each one to send a "private message", such that when I selected "send private message" on this forum's web page it gave an error that said that it did not "recognize the user's name", when it automatically adding SPyrons name to the email addres.  I don't have time to troubleshoot your forum too.  It is your resonsibility to make it easy and transparent to find out why it didn't unless I was the only one who had a problem, then it can be that I am using Firefox and you only attached a link to MS email internet provider.  I have better things to do than try to admonish and correct your mistakes, even though it does't appear that way and I almost feel that I should get a paycheck for the time I have spent on troubleshooting your problems and driving this thread to help raise the escalation level of this issue as all who comment here are doing their own way.

I dont spend my time (up until now for extra curruricular activity and to make you feel bad) even though that seems to be your belief and attitude.  Some of us have a life other than the issues of your product and driving the conversation of this thread.  If you are job is a moderator and you have used this type of abusive language on this web site and personally abused someone, then, IMO the other moderators have an obligation to correct you in whatever they see fit, or the position of moderator only applies to others and not to you.

Your comments about not responding to SPyron is accurate.  I have read them, but this is the first time that i have had an opportunity to spend time on this issue and find I am having to defend mysefl against a foul mouthed, unprofessional person from personal attacks that claims to represent mcafee.  If you are tied of listening to my complaints, then you may just have a smidgen of how I felt when i found out that I spent four months of every available time that I had trying to figure out what the problem was, and found out mysefl it was the fault of mcafee, which has denied to me that they had a problem, and as Sarah Palin says "You Betcha", i have been free with my comments about what I feel about this mucafee product and the waste of my time, not to mention the waste and cost to HP and MS and the cost of me purchasing this lousy product and the fact I have to send you a "private message" to address my issues.  I am a busy successful business man who resents the waste of my time in the area of about 100 hours,  that i could have been used servicing my customers or getting new business.

I appriciate you reminding me about replying to her personally, but began by making comments about Bryan and then found myself being personally attacked and told that my comments are appreciated and you made technical comments to him that was not accurate.  Your suggestion that you don't give a "rats ass about my opinions and something about Putewie about my comments or "complaining" as you suggest and my lack of not responding to her offer is indicative of my level of experience is something that I have never heard from a professional represenative and is about as unprofessional a comment as i have ever heard.  I am glad that you were able to refrain yourself from really saying how you felt about me personally.  I think there is a language and personal attack requirement in these threads and you should be blocked from any further comments.  Your comments about me is personal and after reading it again, I intend to make an official complaint and ask that you be barred from further comments in this thread.

You dont point out anything specifically about what I said to Bryan's first comment, only that I am "reign in my comments".  Well be accurate in your technical comments when replying to a new person and I wont feel that i need to comment at all.  So, here is your opportunity to stop ventng like a "whining" that has finally found his pacifiier and explain to us all where my comments and suggestions are "dead wrong" and you can reiterate how you feel about legiatmate customer issues and their comments again.  Please be more specific and in more colorful language as you have used here today?

Do you understand what I am saying in my comments and  and questions in my reply to your desire for me to "reign in"?  If not, take the time to read them again, please and don't take this personal as you are representing mcfee here, Oh! Unless you aleady have and beem abusive in comments and have denigrateed your position as a moderator/employee to express yourself.

I am sorry you dont like that, but it is the truth. I will accept any comments in correcting my technical accuracy, but you belittle only yourself  and the belief that you are behaving professionaly when attacking others in a personall manner such as you have done here.

Your head is swelling as you get closer to the release date and now  feel you have the right to take umbrage about others comments and abuse them,

I really am tired of mcafee's whole attitude including yours, which is pretty much indicative of what I have experienced since I first learned about this problem (as in representative of the company and not meant to be a personal attack) but hope that you can help others that it is not too late to help.  In the meantime, I believe that the McAfee corporation has let their customers down, and owe them an official apology for denying the problem even exists to this day from customer support for more than six months and providing a fix to a major bug;,for those who have it, after six months is not something that you should hang on your Accomplishment Wall.

Eventually your company was/is going to help those people with this show stopper of a major function of the Microsoft OS, but the whole entire experience has left a bad taste in my mouth.  Do you think this is the first time that I have watched/experienced other companies and how they handle problems such as this?

I am trying to be reserved in my comments, but you are an easy target and have lots to make up for.  This whole scenario is typical and I read you like a book.

Just do your job, whether it is voluntary or not, and keep your personal comments about those who paid money by buying the product, for the privelege to use this thread as a referendum on mcafee's performance, to a limit if you can, so that you dont embarass yourself anymore.

Comments like your attack and my attempting to defend myself from those attacks are a waste of people's time.  I have never attacked you or any of the mcafee representatives personally and it is bad form; to say the least, for you to do so now.  I sincerely hope that most don't agree with your opinions.  I may contact my attorney to see if you have personally slandered me or my company in any way in public, which from a financail standpoint, mcfee has deep pockets now that Intel owns them.  Did you sign a contract with mcafee or enter into any written agreement with them, such that they are responsible for you comments here?

I welcome any comments from others on this forum and professional only, representatives of mcafee.

I sincerely apoligise to everyone who has had to read this dribel.


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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Sigh pacificmike my exert my mod rights were directed at BF2 in that he was not respecting your rights I was not threating you but asking him to calm down as we all are here to try to work together for a solution. Somer says the solution will come on the 26th and the uninstall comment was only made as that is the way to get the fix immediately then rather that clicking update and getting a 4% chance of getting the fix. The server is throttled for the first week or so.

BSODing is blue screen of death every1 would have seen this at some stage in their PC life and mcafee was causing this recently for some users. Pacificmike you seem to have got stirred up by BF2's comments I tried to calm the thread but please wait for 10 days it should work for you then. Re extension of subscription PM Somer and discuss this Mcafee is not against helping where the issue has taken a while to fix.

I do know why the issue happened and why the beta testing never found the issue. The issue was not there in beta testing it only came on win 7 release version. Enough said can you both have a beer and relax . I will...

Roll on Oct 26

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

My apoligies PeaceKeeper,

I was worked up by his comments and I appreciate you recognizing that he had stepped over the line.  I am not perfect and don't pretend to be and I have made a plenty of mistakes in my life, that i regret.  One of them isn't being disrepctufl to others, though.

I was intending to contact SPyron right after my comment to Bob and did go ahead and did that, but again it failed with a comment that it had been approved but still experiencing difficulties notifying the recipient.  i don't spend a lot of time on forums and only took note of the fact that I could send private messages after you guys mentioned and after three tryies, i dont think I have been successful yet, but the messages seemed to be a littlel closer.  SPyron please let me know by whatever means to wish that you recieved my email address.

FB2 will have to live with his comments and attack on someone that has been a vocal critic of the product and how things were handled, who not only felt victimized by the product failure and how much time and effort i spent in troubleshooting, but now a personal mean spiritied attack by someone who professes to be a professional, Up until that comment, I respected all of you and still do for what you were attempting to do.  I just wasn't happy about the escalation of these isssue as many haven't been, and went into a long discourse of my experiences with product development and life cycles that perhaps he didn't like.  I dont know what sparked it and I prefer not to speak of it again.  all my comments, even though i expressed my personal feelings with things, was to push the priority of this issue.

I have been open and honest with my comments and haven't held back, but what takes me so long to post one, is that I try to be as accurate as i can, because my reputation is on the line here as well.  If you look at how long times are between times I edit a comment you will see that i dont post things in haste, or at least review it carefully afterwards.

I hope that this distraction to others can be overlooked and you can continue to focus on helping them.  i spent many years in customer support, technical support and writing before I worked my way up to programmer and then to supervisor of technical support and have worn many hats.  i have been good at many things but a master of few and enjoyed working at a varieties of task, but TS was my favorite, because it is rewarding when you can help someone.

Journey on and focus on the task at hand and don't let me become a distraction.  I don't think there is much that can bring back all of the time and frustration that I experienced as a result of this product and hope I never will again.  Every thing you do in life is a learning experience, but it is easy to forget that when you lose focus of what is important in life and get hung up on the day to day issues.

When you do provide the release and put if for download, perhaps someone can write up a short description obout the process and then perhaps the cryptic responses here would understood better.

One other comment to Spyron's offer to extend our warranties. i have purchased a warranty for a year from Nortons now and an extension to my current subscription would be useless, and that is what I was trying to express.  I figured that was what you were going to do, but I was also trying to say in my posts that would not help me or others that were compelled to have protection as quickly as possible and you have to commit for a year after their 60 day trial expires which mine did about a week ago and I believe your last comments said "I have some disappointing news to share", it was about the release date, I think..


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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

To Peacekeeper and all who visit this thread or who have posted here...AND THAT INCLUDES YOU, PACIFICMIKE,

I apologize for the gigantic whirlpool of drivel I created when I commented about PM's post to laserbob as being off base and out of touch.

For newcomers to this thread I would like to reiterate:  the context of this thread and the direction we have been admonished to go for all of us who wish to continue as a subscriber with McAfee is to simply do nothing for the next 9 days until the release comes out on October 26th.  I believe this is the ONLY advice that should be passed on to anyone, especially newcomers, who are following this thread.  All earlier posts are no longer applicable.  Let McAfee continue to provide the anti-virus protection, firewall, spam filters, etc. as normal, including leaving auto-update configuration working and then on the 26th, just check for updates now and then and don't worry about it at all... the update will download and install itself within a few days after the 26th.  Then once it is on your machine, go ahead and take the time to rebuild your index.

Now I believe that is as straightforward as it gets.

But if you think you still need to grind the old axe with McAfee and vent beyond this, then please send Somer Pyron (SPyron) a private email requesting consideration and she will address it with you directly.  Just click on her avatar and look for the private email button/link at the upper right.  Be brief, polite, and to the point.  Give her a day or two to respond.  Her response will come back to you as a private email which you can read if you log in and click on your own avatar or click on "Your Stuff" at the top of this page when you are logged in.

I think the moderators will agree this is the correct answer to the situation as it exists today.


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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Yep wait those who are still here for the 26th. More posts will not add anything relevant. Pacificmike since you have left I am unsure if Mcafee can/will reimburse you up to Somer to discuss.

Former Member
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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

See, ya go to sleep for ONE MINUTE...

Just to reiterate for everyone, including any new people, here's the sitch:

1) There is no workaround for this issue: We thought there was, but I managed to break it about 2 weeks ago, meaning I ran some additional tests and it failed. What this means for ya'll (yeah, I'm from Texas) is that disabling the Real-Time Scanner and running an index might work for you, but not for everyone.

2) We've been saying a fix will come out for ages: This is true. We knew one was being tested, but we also knew (from developers who very kindly explained) that the functionality that was affected was pretty major stuff, and not the kind of patch you just toss out. The level of change was deep enough that it was going to take a pretty massive amount of development. We got that part done, but then it needed a full QA cycle, and there wasn't going to be time to complete that by our next big patch release. Thanks to a lot of really smart people working extra hard, they managed to get it in under the line. Thus, this patch will release beginning October 26th.

3) What do you mean, beginning October 26th? Well, we have too many customers to send it out to everyone at once. There isn't enough bandwidth for that, so we "phase" our rollouts. Beginning Octobery 26th, every 4 hours, 4% of the customer base for USA (English) and Australia (English) will get the update. Off the top of my head, I don't remember the split of locations that get it on the next rollout, but it's being opened to a group of locations each week. As always, you can avoid delays by uninstall/reinstall.

4) How did this happen?! The simplest answer is that Microsoft changed the coding for the way indexing is performed in some builds of Windows, requiring us to change the way we scan that file to allow it to correctly work. No big deal, things change all the time, but sometimes things change in a big way and we have to adapt. Sorry this took us so long, we're working on doing better in the future.

So that's what I have. If you haven't already, please send me a private message if you've been affected  by this and I'll see what I can do for you.

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Somer, you have been clear about what is going on, you did say that you had something that worked, but retracted almost as quickly; good job for keeping everyone informed.  For people like me, there is no workaround. YET.  i thank you for the hard work that you have done and hope that the new changes in the code that you want to release on the 26th has been resolved.

I have no reason to doubt you about what happened to cause the break with your product, but would think there was some automatic notification of last minute changes to all Windows-7 third party product vendors that receive Alpha builds; to test their own product and write their own code, that there was a change, or it would be a serious lapse in failure to notify you and you would be right to shout it from the rooftops, and it would effect other security software products from other vendors as well, IMO.  I would like to hear from MS' version of what occured before I blame this for the problem.

With regards to sending you a private message to you for those that the fix will come too late, your email stated that you would try to get an extension for us.  You didnt go into any further detail about what type of extension or credit you would try to get for us, but an extension on our current prescription will not help, as we were compelled to buy security protection from other sources.  i hung on as long as I could with a 60 day trial period with Nortons, but that ran out last week while the status of the fix from someone was there may be a longer wait than expected for a fix.  I removed your prodcut in June and purchased it in March, when I bought my new computer with new to me; which was new computer, new operating system and new product from mcaee.

THE ONLY THING THAT WILL HELP MONETARILY AND CONSOLE MANY OF US IS TO HAVE A COMPLETE REFUND OR A NO DATED BEGINNING SUBSRIPTION TIME, FOR ONE YEAR.  That way I can use my already paid for one year subscription with Nortons and then renew or restart my "customer service provided" new presciption with mcafee.

I have attempted twice to send you a private email message, the last one 2 days ago, where I got an email reply stating that I have been approved to send you a message, but there was still difficulies in sending it to you.  I believe that is internal and i cannot resolve that issue.

If you have received it, great!  If not, then I am waiting to hear back from you or a status indicating that you received the email.

Thanks again,


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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

i agree with what Peacekeeper says but I  would imagine that is intuitive and based upon your needs whether you should wait or uninstall for seven days.  I dont believe I suggested that to anyone recently to unistall, but noted the only thing that would work without the fix,


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