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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

I dont want to minimize the complexity of this issue, but I spent time as a post release programmer making modifications to all ready released software products.  There are many methods to trap where the program is failing and make changes in the code.  Of course, you would have to some testing to make sure it works and that it does not break something else.

For people like me that time is/has run out, we cannot recover our money (in my case) and forced to purchase alternative products from other security software houses.

You could; if you decided, make the fix, call it a alpha version and put it out there for the people who are experiencing the problem and let them be your testers.

Or, you could remove the offending routine that causes the problem as it is not a major function of protecting you from internet hackers and allow us to use the product until you have a completed version, and we would not have to buy someone else's product and you may keep more of the loyal customer base that you are losing because they have to remove your product completely from the operating system.

Turning your product off or parts of it does not work, which leads me to believe that it is some hook that you introduced using your install dos batch code, but I am not certain about that.  You need to provide a hot fix, not a modification or repair to the newer version release date as there are many steps needed to releae a full version that eats up time.

Bottom line for you, it to get something in the hands of those that are affected so they dont have to buy your competitors products and you may keep many of your customers from leaving you.  This problem has been known to me since March, 2010. I believe this thread was started in the first of June of July and that is ample time for you to have done a hot fix and got it into the customers hot hands. I believe you are stalling for time before you get this to the actual person who should prioritize this issue and make the fix.  Should take less than 2 or 3 days at the most, once he signs the code out from the build product until he signs it back in.  IMO.  I made many fixes in less than time that it took me to check in/out of the build if i had a description of the problem and was familiar with the code such that I could put stops and error jumps in the specific routine, but the average for me was about 2 or 3 days if the routine was large and could not identify the correct fix for the problem and had to discuss it with my coworkers and I did my own testing before retuning it to the authorized protected build product.  Of course, for a hot fix I was able to fix the code and have it on a download site in about the same time period.

I will admit that I havent done this for more than 10 years and things may have changed somewhat, but basically it is a matter of assigning it to a programmer and instructing him on the prioritization of it for programmers time for each job can be far into the future and his priority would be to work on the latest and greatest release so the company can remain competive and make money.  They dont make any money for providing fixes.  I will let others draw their own conclusons on that, but it would take the programming manager to pulll someone off the new release to work on fixes and the head of the department to beg him to consider it.  Unless it is a show stopper.  that is where the time is eaten up because the supervisor is responsible for making the deadline date and other departments are waiting on the code from them to begin testing in all matters of methods and that slows down the entire release date, if a programmer is pulled off the new versions code.   It is my experience that the new programming supervisor is golden and anyone that distracts him from making the deadline is jeopardizing their position and possibly their job, if he complains about any delay that caused him to miss the deadline and they are  on a very tight schedule.

However, that is what they hired people like me to do and to get a hot fix out to the customers without bothering the programmers that actually write the new code for the new release so they are not distracted and the release can go forward.  It takes a lot of steps and a lot of departments to sign off on a new release and the fixit programmers have their own list of things to fix and if it needs to be put in the new release that takes an intervention by a supervisor as well to take him off already scheduled list.  So, any changes of existing code is priorize too.  Each programmer is allotted time in hours of how long he has to fix the code, just like those who are writing new code.  First the changes for the release and then way down on the bottom is anything else.  It my experience that to change the schedule, requires a written signature of the person who is changing the prioritizing.  That is what takes so long to get a fix, not the programming time but the decision to change the schedule and might cause the deadline to slip.  Woe to the supervisor or manager who misses his deadline.

IMO, you must make enough noise to gain the attention of those who can authorize and prioritize the fix before anyone will work on it.  The more noise the higher the prioritization. They will not pull programmers that write new code of the assembly line to make this fix and the supervisor may not the same for fixes and releases sometimes.  ITS THAT SIMPLE!

I still do not know how to send a private message to the person that we were told to send a message to if this issue has affected us for a long period and our subcriptions was about to expire or has expired and dont have the time to research this thread now.  Can someone provide the correct (failed for hypnos or whatever the name was that was first given) contact name and how to send a private message.  If it is obvious on this forum on how to send a private message then all I need is the address that WORKS for the person to send it to.


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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Re your comments will let Brian answer. RE PM try THIS
You click on somers name and the page that opens ie her public profile has on the top right hand side "Send private message " You click that and it opens a private message area where you acn send 1 to somer

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Hey Mike,

   I'll send you a private message and you can just reply to it. You can get the message by clicking Your Stuff link at the top of the page here, and it should show you your private messages.

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

I have just come across this forum after hours spent trying to fix this problem. I am running Windows 7 (64bit) on a Acer that came with McAfee on trial, which the trail has run out and I have since paid for. I have contacted McAfee support and await their reply.

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

As you can see from the thread the issue is acknowledged as occurring with Mcafee 2010 version and windows search that comes with windows 7 .

There are several techs working on the issue and a fix will come soon. How soon is not something I know of yet.

There is a workaround available but it is not recommended due to security fears if not handled right. I can PM it t any1 who wants to try it till the fix comes.

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Thanks for the info. I have also had an on-going problem with McAfee antispam and Thunderbird 3 that was supposed to be resolved in Aug, which has not happened, so I am unfortunately loosing confidence in the product.

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Re TB3 agreed I was told July and still waiting but the thread now has a Mcafee Antispam bod in it and he says very soon.


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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Hey all. Unfortunately, I have some not so great news. Regarding the workaround, I did some testing last weekend and I had some failures. The very short version is, disabling the software while you index may work just fine for you, but I can't guarantee it'll index *every* file. I had it fail on me twice. Additionally, and I can't stress this enough, please disconnect from the internet while you run the index!! We don't want you online without protection.

On the more good news side of things, there has been a flurry of activity regarding the testing of a fix for this issue. I have nothing confirmed yet, but I think this fix might be getting out sooner than I expected. I'm hoping to hear something 100% very soon (I'm really hoping I get something official to report this week), and will pass it on as soon as I get it.

Thanks for hanging in there with us guys. I know this hasn't been a shining moment for us, but you've hung in there with us. Thank you for that!

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Yep, I'm hangin' in there, Somer.  Thanks for your effort and post.

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Re: Auto update to Security Center 2010 kills Windows 7 search

Hey everyone!! I HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS!!!

I've just had it confirmed that a fix for this issue is going to be released to English-Australia and English-USA on October 26th! This will be (as usual) a phased release, meaning not everyone will get it at once, but it will filter out to a percentage of users as they check in for updates (usually about every 4 hours). Supplemental releases are scheduled for 11/2 and 11/4 (to other languages).

Thank you all so much for reporting this issue, troubleshooting with us, and hanging in it with us to this point! McAfee really does have the best customers. 😃

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