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I bought McAfee® All Access with a 1-year subscription but I am being asked for $69.95 to install it because I DON"T use Internet Explorer which means I can not down load the product

I am the only person in the world using Firefox ?

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Re: Why ??

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I have finally been refunded

I would like to thank Chinthanai Selvan P & Ex_Brit forhis help, as least someone understands how the world should work.

Hayton Quote “He downloaded an English-language version of McAfee from the main download site,whereas Chinese McAfee customers get theirs (legally, at least) either pre-loaded on an OEM box or through a broadband subscription with China Telecomor a mobile subscription with China Unicom.”

Reply = Hayton, I was unable to Download the McAfee® All Access with a1-year subscription, but I was able to down the Free PLUS version (via download.com) it was when I wanted to upgrade and pay for it, that when I ran into all this crap.

I would suggest that McAfee take a very close look of how customers are supplied with their products and  an even closer look at the way of support works.

1. Read the emails from customers; in my first contact with customer support I included that I was unable to use the “GoToAssistStarter”program and in this thread I added screen shot, but still EVERY email from customer support told me to use that program to get help.

I also informed them I was in China, and the Toll Free number was useless.

But still in for other emails from customer support I was told, use the “website to get help, download this, use that” but as I kept on pointing out NOTHING worked.

2. Your website has “Free Technical Support - McAfee VirtualTechnician” System Requirements: Internet Explorer 6 or later, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later, and Google Chrome 17.0 or later.

Technical Support for Home and Home Office - What are your country and language?  Why country and language - People do travel. I am in CHINA but I speak ENGLISH.  Why don’t you have ONE page of support numbers for EVERY country in English or put a Google Translastion program in?

3. How would you like to contact us?  When the “chat” option is chosen there’s along list of Please provide the following information and click Submit and then download another program, GOD what a time wasting mess that is!!

4. 90% of the sites I use (godaddy.com) is just one, once you are logged in (BTW your log in is so hard to find) I can chat in real time without using a special program.

I am guessing that once the program is installed there’s a code or license so if someone asks to cancel or a want a refund you can cancel that code or license to stop the program from working.

As for payment I was told that I could use Paypal by KavithaS McAfee Customer Service-Tier 1

I recommend you to contact our sales team so that our trained sales representatives will help you in purchasing McAfeefor offer price using PayPal. I wish McAfee would make up its mind. As Ex_Brit pointed out “ McAfee.com only accepts credit cards.  I agree it would be nice if they allowed Paypal too and we have suggested it many times.”

Basically McAfee needs to take a LONG hard look at the way their support works, let people set up an account and cut out all this‘download a special program crap’

I build websites using Joomla and I can install simple chatboxes that use Real Time, just Google = website chat software= and it will bring up 100's and looking at the Recent Activity in this forum people need better support.

I have download and paid for Norton Security which took less than 10 minutes works fine.

BYW my username is angry_customer1 but I bet there are a lot more than ONE



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Re: Why ??

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You don't have to use Internet Explorer as your default browser, but you must have it installed and up to date for any part of McAfee to function.  It also must be set to default settings.

IE8 for XP, IE9 for Vista, IE11 for Windows 7 and 8 and soon IE12 for Windows 8/8.1

Your operating system in general should also be totally up to date.

What is your operating system and service pack (if applicable) and what version of IE is installed?

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Re: Why ??

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By the way, support is onl;y chargeable if you actually ask for premium support or the premium virus removal service.  Technical Support (& Customer Service) are always totally free of charge by phone or online chat and linked uinder Useful Links at the top of this page.    Perhaps if you explained more fully exactly why you need support or what trouble you are experiencing installing the software we might be able to suggest something.

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Re: Why ??

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My Computer is only 3 months old, and is service pack 3

When I bought it I told them NOT to update internet explorer because I did not what Internet Explorer 8 has it is too new and as I build websites most people use firefox or Internet Explorer 7

I have wasted a whole day just trying to talk in real time and not waiting 24 hours for an email

I down loaded

- GoToAssistStarter - Didnt install

- mvtinstaller Didnt install

- McAfee_TechCheck that did install but was of no use

- I did get thou toa A support representative =  Eugin Christ Raja.

and he/she just told me to phone the product team in order fix issues

I did explain my Mobile can not phone abroad.

the reply was "to fix the issue i have to assaign a technician and it will cost $69.95"

$70 just to download some I have just bought

I would a refund on the grounds that it is unuseable

The support is so slow I am use to realtime or same day not having to wait 48 hours to tell me the same as before

I have an email box full of McAfee emails telling me  do this do that but NOT one we can help HOW

The sooner I get my refund the soon I can move on

If you can help heres my details Order #: CS1342099417 McAfee® All Access - 1-year subscription : $99.99


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Re: Why ??

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That's XP SP3 I assume - strange for a brand new computer considering it goes out of support on 8 April, 2014.  Yes you must keep your operating system totally up to date, even parts of it you do not use, this reduces vulnerability to malware.    IE7 has many flaws.   So please install IE8.  You don't have to use it, but for the GotoAssist part i see no reason why you can't use it temporarily if you have to in order to get it to work.   It takes seconds to switch browsers.

The fee they mentioned is not correct and I am wondering if you actuall;y spoke to a McAfee representative at all and not some company masquerading as McAfee support, there are many out there.

Chinese language support is available via the Technical Support link under Useful Links at the top of this page, see the country list drop-down menu at the top right.

For refunds you must contact Customer Service, also linked under Useful Links at the top of this page and again, that is available in the Chinese language from the drop-down country menu.

Use the telephone or online chat option.  Email if available is by far the slowest  way to get anything done.

There is no need for an out-of-country phone call.

If you want I can ask support to post in this thread, but that may take a while as my support contact is in India.   If you want me to do that please post back the support reference number that was assigned to your last contact with them.


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Re: Why ??

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I am wondering if you actuall;y spoke to a McAfee representative at all and not some company masquerading as McAfee support, there are many out there.

well then who is =

Free Technical Support

Our comprehensive online support is free of charge.

  1. McAfee Virtual Technician can diagnose and fix many problems related to your McAfee product. For problems it can’t fix, it collects information to make Search and Chat more effective.


Copy to clipboardCancelEugin Christ Raja is typing...McAfee TechMaster 5:31 PM  Connecting...

5:31 PM  Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.

5:31 PM  Support session established with Eugin Christ Raja.

5:32 PM   Eugin Christ Raja: 

Welcome to McAfee TechMaster support. My name is Eugin, How may I help you today?

5:32 PM   You: Hi

5:33 PM   You:  Your Service Request number for this incident is 1337934714.

5:33 PM   Eugin Christ Raja: 

Thanks for the info, just give me minute to pull up the records?

5:34 PM   You:  I can not download the product

5:37 PM   Eugin Christ Raja:  Mr. James , i beleive that you bought the antivirus software and now your are not able to install it on your computer?

on to

6:33 PM   Eugin Christ Raja:  Ok , as i told there is an issue with your browsers which is not supporting mcafee installtion, to fix the issue i have to assaign a technician and it will cost $69.95 for browser issues, is that ok with you

For refunds you must contact Customer Service, also linked under Useful Links at the top of this page and again, that is available in the Chinese language from the drop-down country menu.

Why would I want Chinese I am BRITISH

Maybe if your support contact is NOT in India they would understand English .

Service Request #: 1354800291

Order #: CS1342099417

Kavitha S McAfee Customer Service-Tier 1

Incident is 1337934714

Knock yourself out

I just want my money back


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Re: Why ??

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1.  How would I know you are English when your posts are coming from Shenyang, China?    Sorry but that's what your profile tells me.

2.  Techmaster is McAfee's paid support - if you feel that you were unfairly charged then speak to Custmer Service.   You can choose UK or US support if you wish and use the online chat option.

Try Customer Service,.....it is free.

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McAfee Retired
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Re: Why ??

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Hi James,

Please provide more Information about sytem System Manufacturer - Need to know the Default OS that came with the PC.

Also from the Service Request Number I came to know that You contacted TechMaster (Paid Service) and Customer Service (Account Related) Departments.

The right Free Department to Contact is the Tech Support which can be accessed from the below link


Please let me know if you have any difficulties..

I wonder which PC manufacturer ships XP operating System (EOL 150 days approx) that is 3 months old..!


**I also see a Subscription to McAfee Virus Removal Service as well -> Can be Availed in the unlikely case of getting Infected by a malware / virus

on 11/25/13 12:03:15 PM CST
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Re: Why ??

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Wow so many people giving me answers but again so few reading the story.

To answer Ex_Brit first; I am not in Shenyang, that’s where the Great Firewall has its servers, I live in Dalian as per my personal profile details, only a handful of Chinese can write with my level of English.

Now Chinthanai Selvan P ; more Info about sytem System Manufacturer, That I cannot answer because I don’t know, 95% of computers sold in China come with a Chinese version of Windows, this computer was build with a special Motherboard and Graphics board to handle my video editing software and had an English windows installed which I was told is up to date.The Computer brand is Abus

Now so everyone can follow my tale of woe, I will try and briefly recap;

I live in China, I am British, I brought yet another Computer, I now own three, Two have Norton AntiVirus, I wanted to try McAfee AntiVirus Plus, I down it from Download.com, I wanted to upgrade, I wanted to purchase the product using Paypal.

Now this is where the fun starts.

I set up an account, Name, address, phone etc.

When I got to the Billing Information, I only had two options Visa or Mastercard.

I emailed “Customer Service” - Account Information/sales.

I received confirmation of my - Service Request #:1337934714

24 hours later.

I received an email from Kavitha S - McAfee CustomerService-Tier 1 “I understand that you are unable to purchase McAfee for offerprice using PayPal, hence you need assistance.  I will help you in the best possible way. .. I recommend you to contact our sales team so that our trained sales representatives will help you in purchasing McAfee for offer price using PayPal.  You may contact our phone support by dialing the toll free number 1-866-622-3911 and selecting option 2.Our phone support is available 24x7. Your Service Request number for this incident is 1337934714. You can quote this number in your further contacts.”

I replied to that email with “I am ONLY willing to use Paypal to buy any products online, but you want my Credit Card Information WHY ? .. Your phone support, toll free number 1-866-622-3911 does not work from my Mobile in China that’s why I use an email for help.”

24 hours later.

I received another  email from Kavitha S - McAfee CustomerService-Tier 1; Please note the I used the line “Your phone support, toll freenumber 1-866-622-3911 does not work from my Mobile in China that’s why I use anemail for help.” Yet she still told me “James, kindly contact our sales team sothat our trained sales representatives will help you in purchasing McAfee using your PayPal account and help you in reinstating your protection.  You may contact our phone support by dialing the toll free number 1-866-622-3911 and selecting option 2. Our phone supportis available 24x7.

Now over the follow day I tried almost every link/page on service.mcafee.com & home.mcafee.com to get a answer WHY do you need my “Credit card number” and somewhere I read “to confirm your account” so I added my card details.

Ok, so you need to know I am a real person, so I when Iadded ‘McAfee® All Access’  to myshopping cart, the next link I used the product is paid using my card.

I was not pleased but OK let’s download it and start.

In my line of work I download maybe 5 items per day, documents,exe programs, pictures, movies from thousands of sites, so I was very surprised that I had to have a special browser just to GET your program.

Also my work involves chatting in real time with my hosting company’sor other product suppliers, this is done via pop up Live Chat or a support ticket or even a forum but here I had to install a special program, which of course did not work.

Over the following day I download;  GoToAssistStarter -  mvtinstaller - McAfee_TechCheck and some others just to find out why I could not download ONE product.

This may appear to be a long answer but yet NO-ONE has toldme if or when I get my REFUND.

TODAY I get another email from Ganesh K - McAfee CustomerService – Tier 1;

“James, I would like to let you know that the issue you have described seems to be technical in nature. We at Customer Service are not trained to handle technical issues …. Note: If you are not satisfied with their support, you may very well ask for refund. Or, you can also reply back to us toget this refund… Option 1: Please use the below link and select the option chat to contact our technician through free chat 24/7. http://service.mcafee.com/ContactTechnicalSupport.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS&pt=1.Option 2: If you are unable to get the technical assistance through the abovechat link or prefer phone assistance, you can also contact us at our Free PhoneSupport option by dialing 800-8109806. (We are available 24*7)

That person did not read GoToAssistStarter DID NOT WORK or the fact I am in China on a mobile plus I have asked for a REFUND THREE times.

A very pi*sed off person called


McAfee Retired
McAfee Retired
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Re: Why ??

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Hi James,

I can help with the download of McAfee if you can proceed with the following..!

1) Upgrade IE to IE8 version so that we can check if goto assist is working - LATER YOU CAN DOWNGRADE TO IE7 ( McAfee will Not Recommend/ Suggest this downgrade)

2) Have all windows Updates Installed.

Sorry that all of your attempts to support had changed your mind to opt for a Refund. Please make a note of the below info If you want to go for a refund.

1) Refund Requests cannot be made in an Open Forum

2) Customer Support is to be contacted by Phone (not by chat or email) for initiating the refund request.

Please let me know if you have any clarifications..!


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