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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

I own a new Dell inspiron 560.  I've had the blue screen of death problem a couple of times now with McAfee and Windows 7.  First, back in July, it crashed after an update.  Diagnostics indicated damaged/lost code.  I was able to go into safe mode, uninstall and reinstall the latest version of McAffee successfully.  Everything was fine until the Sep 15 update..  After being prompted to reboot after installing the update, the computer restarted with the blue screen of death, immediately shut down, and kept trying to reboot, each time coming up to the blue screen and going into a continuous loop of shutting down, starting, blue screen crash, shutdown, restart, etc.  I tried to restart in safe mode and restore to a previous restore point, but this time that would no work. It kept going through the continuus loop of restart, crash, restart, etc.   It was very difficult trying to get the number to call McAfee.  I tried using the online request form, on another computer, for a phone call ($9.95), but each time I tried to enter my credit card information, it kept giving an error message.  I finally tracked the number down though toll free information.

McAfee charged me $9.95 for their error and was no help at all.  The tech never seemed to understand what I was trying to explain was happening.  I told him I knew they were aware of this problem because I know some other people experiencing it and I have this page as well as others that have had thousands of hits.  He continue to play dumb and told me it was probably a Dell problem.  He said I had to call Dell and if was not their problem, call McAffe again, and they would try to fix it.  No help, blame someone else.

I called Dell.  The customer service tech was helpful and knowledeable, but did have a little trouble understanding what was happening.  The blue screen would not stay up long enough for me to be able to read the error message number for her.  After a couple of obligatory restore attempts, the tech had me insert the Dell utilities disk into the CD/DVD drive and restart from there.  We were able to run diagnostic tests on the computer.  The result was that diagnostics indicated the OS, Windows 7 had been corrupted and would have to be re-installed.  Fortunately all Dell computers come with a restore function that will restore the computer to a saved image of the original factory settings.  I have done this with another computer and although it works, you will lose all data unless it is backed up elsewhere and you have to reinstall all of your programs.  It is just like the day it arrived and came out of the box.  Fortunately, this is my wife's new computer, 4 months, and she mostly uses it for internet surfing, facebook, online gaming, and there was not much data stored on it.  She only had a few photos and I had them backed up on my computer and an online site.

The restore operation was successful, but I spent the next 4 hours setting up the computer again, installing programs, uninstalling the McAfee that was factory installed, setting up my network again, etc.  I immediately bought a different security program and installed it.  I have never liked McAfee.  The Dell tech asked me why I installed it.  I told her, "because it was installed at the factory by Dell."  She was unaware of that fact.  I have had problems with McAfee on previous computers, but was hoping it would be better after all this time.  You know what they say about the definition of insanity, "repeating the same behavior and hoping for different results."   I will never be insane enough to use another McAffe program.  Good luck everybody with fixing your computers.

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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

@ atxfireman:

I feel your pain!

FWIW, I have a current support contract with Dell, fee-based, North American support (aka YourTech Team).  Unlike the well-meaning (but unhelpful) folks from McAfee "Tech Support", the Dell folks were most helpful in running the days and days of extensive hardware/software/OS troubleshooting and ultimate resolution.  I also got excellent help from user forum for the security suite I eventually installed to replace McAfee, even though I had not yet even purchased their product!

I was (one of) the first person(s) to report this issue to Dell and to McAfee, so I was largely a guinea-pig in the diagnostic and resolution process.  It pains me greatly to see so many others having similar/identical problems.

The only "solutions" offered by McAfee were to keep repeating the same process of reinstalling the release version of the software that reproducibly deep-6ed my system and to install a "beta" version engineered to fix another problem and "see what happens" (several who tried this found it was no fix, of course).   It ultimately cost me over a month of lost productivity, not to mention my forfeited McAfee subscription fees.

BTW, you can change the settings on your system so that those endless BSOD - reboot - BSOD cycles don't occur:

From the "computer" shortcut/icon on your desktop -- right click it, then select properties, then "advanced system settings" > "advanced" tab > "startup and recovery", then UNTICK the "automatic restart" box, and OK your way out.

This may minimize damage to your system when a BSOD occurs, AND it will leave the BSOD with the important "stop codes" and error messages visible on your display long enough for you to write them down.

(The alternate path to do this is to open the control panel > system & secuirty > system > advanced, and follow the same steps as above.)

Hope you get it sorted out and get your computer fixed up,


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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

Well good luck to you.   If you feel support charged you for nothing you could call Customer Service and ask for a refund.  See link under Useful Links above.

For future reference, to prevent the blue screen from immediately closing and enable you to read the errors properly you can tell Windows not to shut down at a BSOD.

Windows XP:

1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

2. Click the Advanced tab.

3. Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.

4. Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK the necessary number of times.

5. Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

Vista/Windows 7:

1. Right-click Computer, then click Properties

2. Click Advanced System Settings

3. Click Settings next to Startup and Recovery

4. Uncheck Automatically Restart

5. Click OK

6. Click Apply and OK.

7. Restart.

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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

Oh yea, like my life isn't complicated enough.  And who wants to spend more of their time just trying to get a refund.  For future reference... get McAfee to fix it.

And I wonder why all my friends are going to Macs.

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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

I called McAfee customer support.  They referred me to technical support for the refund. The call took about 5 minutes.  They are refunding my $9.95 fee, but it may take up to 5 days to process before it appears in my bank account.  It didn't take them long to get it out of my account though.  Meanwhile, McAfee has the use of my money, and who knows how many other people's, for that time period.  I attempted to get a refund for the subscription that caused the damage, but McAfee customer support told me since the subsciption was more than 30 days old they would not give me a refund.  That two year subsciption for their junk cost me $108.00 and several hours to fix.  McAfee will never get another dime from me.

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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

I've removed McAfee from my computer, loaded a different product and have had no problems.  I've been a loyal McAfee user for more than 12 years, but with their totally inadequate customer service on this issue, they've lost me as a customer.  Bye bye

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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

I have turned off update. Now i get a message that i haven't updated for five days, each time i turn on the computer. Is there any way to get rid of that nag? The default option is most inconveniently "update" to BSOD. This is not good for my nerves.

Since my last post, i have heard about another person who has had this update --> BSOD.

BSOD, nag screens, people having to reinstall the OS, bills for support.

Ironic that the program preinstalled to protect the computer against virus; ...............Is now acting pretty much as one.

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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

I would argue that because almost two weeks after the faulty update that caused the BSOD, McAfee doesn't seem to offer a repair, and hasn't even posted an announcement on ther website, that is sufficient reason to choose another product/company.

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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

What update was this was this? The only mcafee update 2 weeks ago that was done was the mcshield/mcagent fix and that was Australia only. Before that was the mcshield fix and that 1 was a very minor fix. I assume you are talking about the update to version 10 ie 2010 that Dell users got is that correct?

There is a fix for BSODs on amd cpu installed PCs coming in 2 weeks but another cause is being looked into and it isn't a high instance of users. I is my feel it is mainly Dell Pcs and I will discuss this in our call tomorrow. Can you reinterate your OS Pc type cpu ram etc please. Ok reading back you

Dell PC

Ram unknown

Cpu Unknown

OS windows 7 64 bit

Not a mcafee user now

2 weeks is a short time in this situation sorry and notifications are not usually put on the web site I suppose for commercial reasons. We try to get announcements placed in the forum when the issue escalates though

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Re: McAfee update causes blue screen crash?

Thank you Peacekeeper. I am talking about the update to version 10 ie 2010 that Dell users got. The BSOD occurred on approximately 9/7/10.  I rolled back and experienced the BSOD a day later after McAfee Total Protection updated again.  Removing McAfee has solved the problem.

I am a dell user


Intel Core i7

8 gb RAM

64 bit windows home premium

Thank you for your assistance.  Please let me know if you need additional information.

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